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Winery Hotel: Sweden's first boutique and urban winery hotel

Winery Hotel in Solna, Stockholm it's exactly the way they define it: a Hotel, a Winery, an Experience. It's the perfect stay-cation if you live in Stockholm or Sweden. Also the best option if you are a tourist too. As it's Sweden's first boutique with their own in-house wine production. So if you are a wine lover a stop here is a must.

I have no words to describe how cool it was my experience in Winery Hotel, even for just one night. I had a wonderful "weekend" away - and the funny fact it's I was less than 25 minutes away from my house but it was a completely feeling of being in a holiday. Which I think it's super important, to be a tourist in your city too.

I have been very few times to Mall of Scandinavia and never ever explored Solna neighbourhood, so it was very cool to take a walk form the hotel to the shopping mall and discover a new Stockholm.

Next level experience: you can call the reception straight from your phone - just download the Hotel's app.

The rooms are so cozy, which it makes you feel at home. It don't feel like staying in a hotel, so I think they did a very good job bringing this awesome "home" feeling to the decoration. It felt I was on a holiday but so comfortable at the same time. Hard to explain, so you must try yourself.

I passed by the Hotel many times living in Stockholm, and the brick structure always made me curious to see more about it. As a Wine Lover - the name Winery Hotel always got my attention. And once you enter inside, then the magic happens. You will get fascinated with their in-house wine production.

I had the opportunity to do they Guided Tour - where i could understand more about the wine production and follow the winemaking process from barrel to bottle, the story behind everything and their wine, Winery Red and Black block Rosé.

You can visit the hotel all year around, but I was very glad to enjoy the rooftop pool in one of the last sunny days in Stockholm. I think the experience it's amazing during the winter too - so there is no perfect time, it's always a good time.

The rooftop also has a bar, and I loved the fact at the whole hotel it's decorated with barrels.

But let's talk about the most amazing dinner I had in Stockholm. The restaurant it's just amazing. You NEED to try - if you are not looking forward stay in the hotel, come for the restaurant then! or do both, stay and eat. Or stay and come back for eat whenever you want. (Plus if you live in Stockholm).

Krabba (Crab)

They have three different menus: Winemaker's Menu, The Design Menu and The Urban Menu. I tried the Winemaker's, of course, following the Wine Menu and I don't regret anything about my choice. Every single dish was made with so much care, the design and taste were just unreal.

Super cool with the Open Kitchen where you can see the chef preparing your dish!

Anka (Duck)

The most important thing, the wine!

And of course, desert!

I still dream about my stay in The Winery Hotel - and I'm planing to go back there during winter. This is my recommendation for everybody coming to Stockholm. As Solna it's very well connected to the center too, just a few minutes with metro to the blue line.

So if you ever ask me what's is my favourite hotel in Stockholm, you will know my answer.



Rosenborgsgatan 20 169 74 Solna

#ADPost of Love - Dias de Luana was invited by Winery Hotel and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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