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Where to eat in Mallorca if you love sushi

Sumo Sushi Restaurant

Well this might be not the most touristic guide to where to eat if you are thinking about Tapas, Paella or Montaditos. And believe, you MUST EAT it all. But if by any reason you are feeling like eating sushi, so where it goes a nice tip.

I'm a sushi lover and don't matter where I go, I always vote for sushi at some point of the trip, blame of me, but I still enjoy the local food, OF COURSE. Food is never too much, right? You can always fit something more.

Just in center of Palma, there is a good all you can eat buffet - I was very surprised because the system works like this: you get a post it, then you write the number of the dish you want. You can just anything from the menu, starters, rolls, temakis and how many times you are feeling eating. Crazy!

They have a different prices for weekends and evenings, it was something around 14 euros. Still affordable for the amount of food you can eat. In the combo it said you can eat dessert too but I was so food by the end I could not even think about it.

I don't know if Sumo Sushi has a website, I found some information in TripAdvisor and you can read here.

** Remember you can eat how much you want but you need to order max 4 plates at the same time per person and they kind ask you to don't wast the food and order just what you will eat.

The address is

3, Carrer de Caro, 07013 Palma, Illes Balears

Phone number: +44 971 57 21 77

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