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Top 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Bucharest

During my recently visit to Romanian capital, Bucharest I found out a super incredible vibrante city, not so much explored by the main tourists when in Europe. A completely mistake as Bucharest has so much to offer and a destination you will need time to see everything. There is cool bars, cozzy cafés, very friendly people and Instagrammable places to take your pictures. You don't need to be a blogger or travel journalist to be interested in Instagram places - as nowadays everybody takes pictures. So let's me show you the 5 most "pictures-friendly" places in Bucharest. When you will understand what I mean.

1. Carturesti Carusel

Selected as one of the 16 world's most beautiful bookshops by Telegraph.Uk this place it's for everybody who loves books a dream. Restored 19th century building in the middle of Old Town, it was opened in 2015 and contains more than 10,000 books in six different floors. The architecture it's inspired by some modern and futuristic concepts, and the whole thing is bather in white light, making it's name "Carousel of Light".

Come on, just to see this place I already see approximately a thousand places I want to sit and read something.

Instagram X Real Life - this is the view from the bookshop windows. I like the concept between the fancy and beauty with the real life just in front of your eyes. This is what this whole thing it's about. See the beautiful but also the real, right?

#Lulutip: On the top floor you will find a café, so if you are a "digital nomad" or just want a quite and cool place to work, this is where you should stop. Or just to grab a coffee between sight-seeing. Don't matter the reason, you should just stop and get something there.

You will find the café on the top floor of the bookshop.


Strada Lipscani 55, Centrul istoric, Bucuresti

2. Pasajes: Victorei (the famous "umbrella street") and English Passage.

Pasajul Victoria – this street got very popular on the blogger world. As I was attending the press trip of #ExperienceBucharest on our first meeting it was what everybody was talking about "we need to go to the umbrella street". It's a very hidden germ so thanks to our dear social media, everybody got to know about this spot. So maybe it's not so unique anymore, but still "must do" as you can't leave Bucharest without a picture at the Umbrella Street. They have a bar/restaurant over there - I didn't have time to go there but if you have, then you should stop by for a drink or a snack.

Interesting fact: many buildings in downtown has the risk to collapse - you can see which one because they have these red circules from the government saying they can be dangerous. But as you can see in this picture, people who lives there try to hide it and keep living there, you can see two circules covered by black painting.

The English Passage "Pasajul Englez" connects two important streets in downtown of Bucharest: Calea Victoriei and Strada Academiei. The passage leads you straight through a building that was first built as a brothel in 1900. The architecture is really worth seeing.

In 1855 the jeweler Joseph Resch built the Resch House on Mogoşoaia Bridge (the former name of Calea Victoriei). The house was bought in 1885 by Grigore Eliade, who turned it in the "English Hotel", at same time was built the passage similar to others in Western Europe. It was tall (the building having three floors), but very narrow, and was covered with a glass roof on a metal frame. The hotel had a relatively short facade on Calea Victoriei, the majority of the rooms being located along the passage. On both sides of the passage, there is a balcony made of a metal frame closed with window panes. From the hotel name, the passage was called "Pasajul English", then "Pasajul Englez".

The building was a hotel for only a few years. The rooms were too small to withstand competition from other newer hotels. It was transformed into a large luxury brothel. The brothel functioned until 1947 when it was closed and converted into apartments by the communist authorities, which have banned prostitution. Until nowadays, the place it's abandoned and serves as house for people who invaded the buildings.

When you get in to the passage, it's very important you are respectful and don't talk lound. As people who lives there don't like too much tourist, so be just extra care while taking your pictures.

3. Fabrica Club - Fabrica Club is one of my fav hidden gems and alternative places in Bucharest, situated at an old abandoned factory. Perfect place for pictures but also dining, entertainment and shopping.



4. Calea Victoriei - (Victory Avenue) is a major avenue in Bucharest. There is so many places you can visit in this huge avenue, also where the biggest hotels are located as Hilton, Radisson Blu and Novotel. The street it's also location for the University of Bucharest, National Museum of Art of Romania, Memorial of Rebirth, English and Victorei passages, National Museum of History of Romania and much more.

You still can see many buildings from the Communism. This special building was the "Information House" where they used to torture people to get information. Few years ago half of the building were transformed into a modern building to preserve the memory but also to raise the bad feelings about it.

The funny Rebirth Monument, know by "potato on the stick" - This monument it's a memorial to all people who died in the revolution. It's one of the biggest event of the history, when people saw for the first time the monument, everybody was chocked. No one knows the real name of the monument and this is why they call it "potato on the stick" and many more others nicknames. People didn't liked it because they say it's too abstract so they could't understand what it really means. Many of monuments in Romania has a contest, where people choose the one they like more - but this one had no contest and it costed 3.000 euros. This is why people vandalize the monument, as it should be in memory for people who died against the corruption but the monument it's a properly way of corruption.

University of Bucharest

5. Giants of Pantelimon - Permanent Street Art Exhibition

This was my favourite experience ever during the whole trip, as everybody might know at this point of reading the blog. I love to discover unique experiences around the world.

Giants of Pantelimon it's an old water tower transformed into a graffiti exhibition. To see all the art, you need to get to the top of the tower. Curious to see it? You can read more about the tour and the experience on my next blog post.

Are you the type of person who do a research before traveling? What do you generally look for when you are traveling? For me it's: food, nightlife and unique experiences. Always! <3



Press trip with:

Experience Bucharest

Administrația Monumentelor și Patrimoniului Turistic București (AMPT)

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