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The unforgettable view of Hotel Amic Horizonte in Mallorca

I must say before everything - there is nothing I miss more about Mallorca as the view from my room in Palma, located in the island of Mallorca in Spain. Every night it was so hard to sleep because the view was amazing both day and night.

My room was called "Suite Keep and Calm" and I still remember the first time and I unlocked the door. Card in, blip, opening the door and seeing the amazing view of the neighbourhood of Porto Pi.

Sunrise view from my room

Sunset view from my room

Porto Pi neighbourhood

The Hotel Amic Horizonte has everything you need while your stay in Palma. It's close to everything, the bus number 1 (to airport), you can walk to the Porto or to the bohemian Paseo Maritimo where you have plenty options for nightlife. But believe me you don't even need to go so far away, the hotel has everything you need. If you choose the all inclusive buffet (highly recommended), you will always have good food waiting for you.

For me the best part of the Hotel it's also the great staff which it makes totally different in the service. They are very friendly - I met Ginka (50 years old Bulgarian) who works at the restaurant during dinner time and she was one of the most lovely person I met so far. She will make every guest is happy and have eating well. Se was so cute, I felt like coming to my grandmas house, she was "take some more food" "you should always have some extra french fries" and I saw her being kind with every single guest, Ginka if by any chance you get to ready this. You are the best!

The hotel pool also has a view to the Port - so you can enjoy and relax while having a drink (they have a bar too!). The whole place it's calm and has many spots where you can just sit and relax.

I'm always looking for coworking spaces or cafés, but as I said and repeat the view was just so amazing I didn't want to leave the room. Did I mentioned the room had a jacuzzi too? The room has all facilities: bathroom, telephone, satellite TV, sage, hair dryer and air conditioning / heating. This was the kind of hotel where you feel you could live there permanent. I would love it, for sure.

The hotel has a panoramic bar, restaurant, garden, meeting rooms, solarium, pool, pool bar, panoramic terrace and much more.

Can't wait to be back to Mallorca and hope I can soo visit Amic Horizonte again. <3



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