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The ultimate SPA experience in Gothenburg

Atualizado: 13 de Mai de 2020

This is not a regular blog post about a regular SPA somewhere, this is a guide to Sweden's best SPA. Up in the sky of Gothenburg, on the 18th and 19th floors and up to 50m above the ground to be more exact, it's Upper House SPA at Gothia Towers, the largest hotel in the Nordic countries. Since December they became a three towers complex, 100 meters high and being Gothenburg's tallest building, the whole area has 180,000 square metres and contain trade fair and conference space, 1200 hotel rooms, eight bars and restaurants, function venues, a shopping street, meeting places and unique experiences as the 5-start Hotel Upper House with the spa, wellness and fitness center.

I spent four hours at Upper House SPA, four hours of bliss. Everything it's in your own time, no rush or anything. You get the products and use them in your own pace. Saunas, pools, special showers, heat and ice and different treatments as Hamam and others. Choices are vast and you can spend the whole day there if you want, it's everything up to you.

Nécessaire full of Upper House SPA products

Just in front of the famous amusement park Liseberg you can enjoy the view of the park and the city, it's amazing the contrast of the busy and crowed amusement park with the zen and calm atmosphere of the SPA. I never been that relaxed before, it's just a calm down experience you should have once at week.

The hamam experience

Inspired by Instanbul famous "Turkish Bath", it's a steam bath treatment - which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna. Although the first hammams originated in Arabia, and bath culture was a central part of Roman life, Turkey popularized the tradition (and is most often associated with it).

What is it Like?

The hammam ritual is rather simple, but it does involve several steps – all aimed at cleansing and relaxing – which many modern-day hammams still utilize.

Typically, the treatment lasted a set period of time, but visitors were free to lounge in the cooling areas for as long as they liked.

1.Relax and Prepare: As you enter the SPA there is areas for changing and a place to have a cup of tea or a cold drink before or after the bath.

  1. Adjust to the Warmth: Before you entry, it's recommended at you start with a shower and then sauna.

  2. Full Body Scrub and Soaking: From there you enter the hot room, which houses the large marble stone. Then you start with scrub (you can do it alone, or with a friend or y a staff there). Following the scrubbing, there is application of special soap.

  3. Rinse and Relax From there you can massage at the marble stone. I also enjoyed to just stay there listen to meditation music, breathing in and out.


"It all started with the Grand Canyon. A viewing platform with a glass floor high above the precipice provided the inspiration for Upper House’s most spectacular pool. It floats high above Gothenburg, beyond the front of the tower. Champagne bubbles, water at body temperature, the skies above you and the city beneath your feet", as they define their glass pool. It was for me the best of the whole experience. It's just, BREATHTAKING.

I invited Isabelle from @thatswedishtraveller to join me and we had so much fun together - make sure you are following her! She is from Stockholm but based in Gothenburg and she is always sharing cool tips about the city!

Which I guess the pictures explains for itself.

There is also indoor pools which make everything a big experience, you start from the saunas, and then indoor pools with 90 tonnes of warm. One of them it's to massage and OMG, I was another Luana when I got out from that pool.

I remember to get shocked when I got out of the Gothia Towerls, the world sounded so noisy, people walking everywhere, the cars and it felt like I was going out from an oasis. I definitely dream about to come back to Upper House SPA very soon.



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