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The picnic guide for Stockholm - 5 spots you should visit

It's the very first time in years the temperature it's so hot and it's not even summer yet - but it does feels like summer and here it's a guide of my fav parks and spots for that perfect picnic day in Stockholm.

And believe me when the sun is out it's like every single person of this city goes to a park, they get to fully crowed because everybody has this urge of enjoy the sun! You just need to pack a good bootle of Rosé and some strawberries and voilá, there is a picnic! I mean, you can just take whatever you want and invite a friend or you can also have a picnic alone, listen to your music and tan in the sun.


It's so far my favorite park in Stockholm since always and I don't know exactly why but I'm a Söder fan, so maybe why. The park has a mini golf if you are into to, beach volleyball court, a frisbee golf course, an open-air theater, playground for kids and it's just by Hornstul (if it's a weekend you can match your picnic with a visit to Hornstull Marknad and buy some second hand stuff at the Loppis). Don't miss the chance to take a stroll up the hill and enjoy the more than 100 allotment gardens and garden sheds. (Many of you asked me what are these small houses inside the park, so yes the name it's allotment gardens, where people rent so they can plant stuff).


I must agree Djurgården it's a very stunning island even thought it's not my favourite one, it's the Swedish royal family favourite place. If you are into history so you should read more about the island, it's very important for Stockholm.

Today it has many of the city main touristic attractions, including the ABBA and Vasa Museum, Sprit Museum (which I love very much), Gröna Lund (amusement park) and Skansen the Open Air Museum, but well talking again about picnics you should go straight to the park Kungliga Djurgården. There is a lovely cafe and restaurant called Rosendals Trädgården right at the park’s centre and you can grab something to eat from there.


This park it's just amazing for many reasons and one of them is: it's very popular between Swedes and one of the favourite summer spot for so many reasons, there is always activities going on there! There are a variety of different games and activities available for people, I've seen people playing sports, weird sports too, dancing, skateboard, etc. When you are done with your activities and sit down to relax, you get beautiful views of the Vasterbron bridge and of Södermalm. The closest metro station is Fridhemsplan or Thorildsplan and you can get food from the supermarkets very close to both stations.


So-Fo on Södermalm the well know hipster centre of Stockholm. It's not really a park, it's more like a square but if you are thinking about shopping or grab a beer, so you can sit there to have a picnic and then continuous your day in one of the bars around. (Ps: the square has fake grass tho).

Hornsberg Strand

This is one of the tips you don't want to share because you wish you could keep it just for you. But here it goes: this is my new secret place (or well, it was because now everybody kind knows). It's a beach in Kungsholmen, very popular with an amazing architecture, because it's the modern part of Stockholm. There is many restaurants by the water, the pier, you can just have an ice cream, or have the whole picnic kit. As it is a beach, the place looks like tan and bath. So well, see you all there!

Do you have any spot to share about Stockholm?

I'm curious to know where it's your picnic place! Write a comment below and share with us, share is caring!



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