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The best getaway weekend at Blå Bergen in Örebro

Me and little sister had the best getaway ever at Blå Bergen, a SPA-Guesthouse-Brewery 20 min away from the city center of Örebro. And I want to share with you why this was one of the coolest experience we ever had in Sweden. First of all, let me tell you that Blå Bergen is a very unique place, different from all other guest houses you will find in the country. The place is owned by Annika (who takes care the SPA) and Robert (responsible for the brewery). Tell me, what's better than a relaxing time at a SPA and a beer tasting afterwards? I honestly thought this combo was so unique in a way that there is entertainment for everybody.

During summer you can experience to sleep on a Glamping and if you're like me that likes being in the nature and camping but also enjoy a good night sleep at a warm bed, then you found out the best type of camping for you.

The Glamping tent was full equipped with everything we need: a small fridge, plenty of water, kitchen supplies and much more. Just outside the tent you can find your own bathtub (how luxury, right?) and a barbecue, to make your meals even cosier.

Our day started with a visit to the SPA house, just by the main entrance. Where we tried the Hamam a la BlåBergen. By the way, Blå Bergen is the only SPA that offers Hammam in Örebro.

Hammam is a treatment that makes itself known around the world for being a relaxing and cleansing ritual that is centuries old. Profoundly relaxing and good for the skin, hammam treatments use hot steam to encourage a deep and invigorating cleanse.

Their SPA offers different treatments like: massages, bath & sauna, face treatments and much more! It's just about to find the right one for you. If you're not sure what you are looking for, Annika and the whole staff at the SPA are super professional, so just drop a message and they will help you. Click here for the SPA link.

After the SPA we explored a bit our tent, in other words, we moved in. :) Got ourselves comfortable and then it was time for a beer tasting at the event house!

The place is big but easily close, what I liked more is that the tents were apart from each other, so you have 100% of privacy.

This was one of coolest beer tasting we ever tried, because Robert was so friendly and the most important: his beer was just SO GOOD! Seriously! Blå Bergen IPA is now one of my top favourites IPA in Sweden, and you can even order at Systembolaget, link here.

We learned about each process of the brewery, the different flavours and we tried 6 different beers! We even got to try a special beer that Robert was trying for the first time!

After the beer tasting Annika fixed some food supplies for us (the food is included on the Deluxe Glamping experience) and we bbq some hotdogs and it was just so cozy. It was getting dark, with the whole nature around us and just the two of us, drinking beers, listening to music and grilling. Then relaxing at the warm bath tub. Can't you tell that we slept like princesses that night?

If you are looking for an unique experience I highly recommend you to visit Blå Bergen, it's close to Stockholm you can come by car, bus or train to Örebro and then one of the easiest way it's to get a taxi from Örebro Centrum or check the possibility of a transfer with Blå Bergen.

Imagine to have this amazing breakfast view...

During winter you can sleep at their cozy cottages.

I can't wait to be back to Blå Bergen soon.

(Thank you so much Annika & Robert for one of the most unforgettable weekend, you're place is truly magical!).


Blåbergen spa– bryggeri – event

Röcklinge 430

705 92 Örebro

019 - 28 00 12


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