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The best experience of SPA in Malmö

Milstenen SPA in city center of Malmö

For the second time I have worked at Malmöfestivalen - a street festival in the south of Sweden, Malmö. The city it's just 15 minutes by train to Stockholm and about 5 hours by train from the capital, Stockholm.

I went to Malmö many times but never had the time to write a guide about it, Malmö it's bohemian, I would say Stockholm little hippie brother. Yes, everything in the city it's completely different from the main capital. People here goes whenever they need to go in a different way, people are not stressed and not picky about what you do/what you wear/etc.

But let's go straight to the point, if you are in Malmö you should visit Milstenen SPA - don't matter what you have to do in the city. The SPA will make your experience different (and more relaxed, of course). And actually the place is just in the middle of the city center, so noisy outside and so calm inside there.

So imagine a week working at a street festival, concerts, work and a lot of rain. And then a perfect Sunday at a SPA. Yes, it was magical.

But let me explain why this is not a regular SPA and what will make the experience so unique, they have different types of treatments as Pregnant Massage, Baby massage (imagine how cute!) and Couple Treatments - so you have all the privacy for you and your beloved.

Their idea it's to make your experience unique and comfortable and give you reasons enough to come back. We (me and my friend Giovana) tried the couple massage, where you start with sauna (a special one, in this one you can loose up to 600 calories), then jacuzzi time! After you are already relaxed, then it's time for a massage.

Every single detail it was unique, as the owner Jasna put her heart and soul in every single corner of the SPA. We tried the "Bath and Massage" and I wish I could come back to try something more!

Jasna it's Swedish with parents from Macedonia, the short time we spent with her we could feel the great atmosphere she created around the place. She has such a good energy! Good powerful woman, she also got to show us some of her certificates, very impressive. And I wish I can join her in any trip to Macedonia soon!

The SPA also offers many others treatments as manicure, waxing, yoga, meditation and much more, you can find more infos bellow:



Östergatan 24, 211 25 Malmö

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