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The best day trip outside Stockhom: Discover Sigtuna!

Sigtuna is is Sweden’s oldest town just a few kms away from Stockholm, founded in the10th century and until the 13th century it was one of the most important cities in the country.

Today's just a small city but I would say the perfect day trip from the capital and if you are fan of the Nordic Mythology and Vikings so you better go there!

Sigtuna is on the edge of Lake Mälaren, in the inner Stockholm archipelago and in the summer you can also arrive by boat from central Stockholm. We (me and the girls) were very lucky to get a sunny day there, even though it was begginer of spring.

The most attractive thing is: you can also get there just using your SL card. The journey it's not so long either (less than a hour), you need to take the pedeltåg from T-Centralen in direction to Märsta, then you jump out in Märsta and take the bus to Sigtuna. It's very easy to find the bus because the terminal it's just in front of the train station and there is no possibility you can get lost, believe me.

When we arrived in Sigtuna, we jumped out in "Sigtuna BusStation" and started our exploration through the lakeside, just at the rune stone by the water. Then we walked down Stora gatan the historic main street, walked around all the charming wooden buildings, past the tiny town hall and towards the museum with its displays of Sigtuna’s history.

I would say a day trip like 4-5 hours in the city it would be enough to see a bit, have a nice meal, visit the museum. But if you have more time, I would take 6-7 hours walking there, to the view point, church and just to chill by the lake.

Where to eat in Sigtuna:

For lunch we choosed the restaurant Cafe Valvet, amazing choice. I had the Pasta di Calamari and it was very delicious (if you are fan of sea food). The restaurant has a nice decor and very Instagram Friendly, if you are just like me.

If the weather is good don't think twice about to seat outside!


Fika at Tant Bruns Kaffestuga it's a touristic must. The place dates from 1960 and will bring you the atmosphere of be back in the past. With the concept of "garden cafe" you can just sit outside in the garden and enjoy your Swedish Fika. I tried the Sigtuna Bulle and omg, it was deliiiiiicioooooous!!! I wish I could eat it again right now.


The city also has a supermarket if you are more the picnic tip, also budget friendly you can just buy a sallad or snacks in the store and sit by the lake or take a small trail to the view point, where you can sit a bit of the city on the top.

During summer I heard you can also take a boat to Sigtuna, which would make the trip even more special I guess.

I'm very looking forward to go back to Sigtuna soon.

If you have any question or tips about this lovely city don't excitate to write down a comment.


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