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Swedish Midsummer at the Archipelago

It is Midsummer again - the date Swedes waits during the whole year. Finally the good weather arrived, nature is green, people are extremely happy. It's always in mid-June, also the same period when school is over. It the longest day of the year, the sun never really sets. In fact, in the north of Sweden the sun is out for 24 hours, what it called 'Midnight sun', and in the south, the sun sets only for an hour or two. Friends and family gather for the most typically Swedish tradition of all: Midsummer.

This is my third Midsummer in Sweden (last year I was in Russia celebrating World Cup), so I wanted to share a bit of this amazing day at the archipelago. There is many different ways to celebrate midsummer and if you are lost, here is some tips for the next year:

My first midsummer I spent in Täby, north of Stockholm, just a bit outside of the city. I had a very traditional morning flower picking to the midsummer pole, then all the dancing, food, snaps and the games and competition. This was my first midsummer and I remember I promised myself I would always be in Sweden to celebrate it every year.

Second midsummer I spent in Gotland, in a party with family and friends. I love Gotland, because it feels you are in another country but it's still Sweden. So if you if you don't know where to go, I would recommend you to take some days off and enjoy Gotland. I don't have a specific place to suggest but I'm sure they must have a "midsommarfirande" somewhere in the island.

Caution: There is Martin on the road.

This year I went on a day trip to the archipelago, called Ingarö - about 1 hour from Stockholm. South of Stockholm, in Varmdö. It was such a dreaming celebration I wanted to share with you some pictures and say thank you for Vendela's family for such great day.

The whole day was magical. I have no words to describe how this 12 hours partying was one of my best days in Sweden - it was a day full of food, friends, drinks, barbecue, music, swimming and games, as of course there is no midsummer without games.

Food was amazing and I must say Vedela and Claudia are very good chefs - Their summer house is a such a dream house just in front of the lake with an incredible view. Can you believe they designed the whole house at The Sims first? And then they did it in real life, AMAZING.

Inside the water the temperature was 24º degrees, it was unbelievable warm! And of course we went swimming and did stand up paddle.

I actually look very professional here (I did some classes and I've been doing stand up paddle many many times before)

But on real life was a lot of this too - just trying to find the balance to stand haha

We had a vegetarian barbecue and it was sooooo good!

I'm so grateful for all the amazing friends I met during these three years and for always crossing path with wonderful people - I'll remember this midsummer day forever.

If you have no idea what I've been talking about this whole time and don't know what is Midsummer, please read here - they have a video too!

With love,


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