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Swedish Driving License: My Driving Academy

Atualizado: 31 de Mar de 2020

First of all I would like to say thank you for such great response about my first blog post when about the process to get a driving license in Sweden. As an expat I must say it was hard to find all information step-by-step and the whole thing looks kind scary for someone who has no idea where to start. So I did my best to share every single step I've been doing to get the license. I'm still in the beginning and I will keep updating on the way I'm moving forward. I hope these tips will help you and don't hesitate to write and ask if you are lost. It's actually pretty easy -- if you find the right school as I did. It helped me a lot to get confident and it will make a total difference in this whole journey.

So let's start. 1. Getting the permission to learn/drive As I mentioned on the first post the very first thing you need to do it's to get a learning permission "Körkortstillstånd", you can apply here. (You ask the permission to Transportstyrelsen, not Trafikverket. A lot of people get confuse about it, I was too). You can read more information about this first step on my previous post.

Good to know: When you receive the permission you have three months to submit your eye exam (this is very important because I didn't know about it and had to ask the permission once again, go once again to the clinic and ask then to fill up the new form.

2. Driving with a friend/partner/whatever and driving with a school Once you got your permit, if you would like to drive with someone (in Sweden you can for example drive with your boyfriend/family etc who has: * At least 24 years old; * Has a driving license for at least five years (in the last 10 years); * Had no traffic crimes in the last 3 years; * Has the driving license from a EU country; It's mandatory of you and your 'handledare' to make the 'handledarkurs' in My Driving Academy you can do it in the most fun away. They have both in English and Swedish. The course takes around 3-4 hours. But it's completely different from all boring driving schools, you will do it on a Co-working building, with a modern atmosphere (also a great view over the city center) and they even invite you for a fika! How cool? This is one of the things I liked more about the My Driving Academy. All their courses are made in this type of modern, kind like Hyper Island feeling. With post-its, pens and group discussions.

Me and Martin did the course together and we even made new friends with other students who were also studying for their driving license. Pretty cool.

3. Download My Driving Academy app! Everything it's smooth and online, all courses you can book on the app. If you are driving private, you can find the whole material for you and your friend work on. This was really great, because for example Martin has his license for a long time and since I'm starting from zero, he has no idea what to really teach me... So with this 'point list' we knew what to study when we were driving private.

The name of the app is "Mitt Körkort" and you can download for Itunes here, and Android here.

On the app you can also find the tests for theory, very useful! As you can try it many times until the app says you are ready or not for the theory test.

Book and un-book online: my fav thing! As I'm driving private and also with a teacher, sometimes my plans changes and I need to rebook the classes. You can do it alone, without any need to call or struggle to contact customer support, with this I can book all classes by my own.

4. Book a test lesson Before starting to driving, book a test lesson to know how many lessons you would need. So you don't wast time buying the wrong package or classes. Good news- I got a discount code for you.. with the code LUANA500 you get 500 sek off on your test lesson (almost for free, you will pay just 99sek for the lesson). How cool?

I think this first lesson it's very important to do with a teacher, because they are professionals and they will tell you how to start (if you are like me who had no idea where to put your feet, mirrors, etc. As I said.. I'm VERY beginner!).

5. DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE As much as you can! It's super important to be confident, to get to know the city/the rules/ drive as much as you have time/money for it. I'm driving both private and with the school. If you would ask my opinion I would say just to drive with the teacher. Many people say it's very hard to learn from a parent or partner, it's because you bring a lot of personal concepts inside the car. With a teacher, he is there to teach you and he is a professional! He will tell you the rules, why is like this and what you are doing wrong. Driving with a partner you have the probability to learn with their mistakes, and believe... it's super cool to do it with a teacher.

I'm driving with Bojan! The most patient teacher in this world, because it's not an easy task to be my teacher. Seriously, I have problem even to recognise left and right, then you know the size of trouble. Bojan teaches both manual and automatic (I'm doing in English and for automatic car). He is the best! I will miss him after I get my license but I guess he will be very relieved! Hahaha

6. RISK 1

I actually did the Risk 1 just after two lessons, they advice you to do it after you have started to drive because then you will be a lit bit more aware of the dangerous and risks of driving. As the name suggests, The Risk 1 course covers the many risks in traffic, including your own behaviour as a driver. One of the main reasons the Risk Education exists today is because of Government incentive ‘Nollvisionen’ – meaning ‘Zero Vision’. Set up in 1997, the vision is that zero people should die or be seriously injured in traffic accidents. The vision puts a lot of pressure on road infrastructure, road rules and, above all, drivers. My Driving Academy has this course both English and Swedish.

7. RISK 2

What they call something like.. "The slipway". It's also compulsory. It aims to give you first-hand experience at attempting to control a vehicle in difficult and really slippery conditions. My Driving Academy collaborates with the best company in the industry who specialise in the slippery track. The first one it's the theory of risks and this one it's the practical part.

You should take Risk 2 when you are feeling quite confident in your driving – after six driving lessons with Bojan and I'll do the Risk 2 in the end of the month. You should ask your instructor when he thinks you are ready for it, because it's very important you feel confident driving.

8. Take a pre-exam assessment

A practice driving exam – almost like the real thing! A practice exam involves a second, specially trained, instructor who will act as an examiner and go through the manoeuvres that usually appear on the driving exam. You will get a good idea of how the driving exam feels, as well as judge whether or not you are ready for the real thing. Upon your instructor’s approval, you can go ahead and book your real driving exam together. Interesting fact: students who book their test throw a driving school has 80% chances to be approved. This fact, proved by Trafikverket, as when the student has been driving with a school they are much more prepared.

A lot of you asked if it's possible to do it in English, well.. now you know My Driving Academy has both English and Swedish (some of the teacher even speak other languages as Arabic, Croatian, etc...).

I feel much confident now and still much to work on, I have booked the final test for February next year (as I'll be in Brazil for the end of the year). This is another thing to keep in mind: it's very hard to find dates! So book everything and if you feel you are not ready, book another date! So you don't miss the date! As for example, we are in November and the next date for the test in Stockholm it's in the end of January 2020.

If you have any question, just let me know.

Good lucky (for us!)

My Driving Academy website: https://mydrivingacademy.com/en

App is available both for Android and IOS.

Code for discount: LUANA500

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