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Stockholm Secrets: Rooftop tour

There is many ways to discovery the Swedish Capital, by the water as the city has unlimited amount of water and more than 24.000 islands counting with all archipelagos and islets, or either by foot. But I'm sure you didn't imagine to actually see the city from the air - 43m on the rooftop of the most important buildings in Old Town.

Our guide Elias - funny and amazing guide!

If you live in Stockholm or planning to visit the city, of course you found the name Gamla Stan (Old Town) somewhere. Because it's the biggest touristic attraction of the city, as it's where the city actually started back to 13th Century. Also where you can still feel in the medieval age, where the buildings were built in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries.

I have been living in Stockholm for two years and I must say this experience was so cool I regret not doing it sooner - but it's never too late right? So if you are here for just a few days then you should add the Rooftop Tour in your schedule.

Safety first - as soon you get to top of one of the Old Parliament’s attic the crew will give you a quick introduction in how it works when the tour starts and don't worry, you will have a team very prepared for this and they will be with you the whole time. You will get helmets and suited up in harnesses and then you are ready to be connect to a catwalk, the whole tour we were connected to it if by any chance you slip. What means there is no chances to fall.

Then it comes the most important question: I'm afraid of heights - should I do it? My answer is depends, if you are in the mood to face your fears and feel proud of yourself, sure. Otherwise it can be actually scary. You never know how much you are afraid of heights until you try it, I did bungee jumping before and even thought, at some part of this tour I got really afraid. I was mentally saying to myself: "Luana you can do it, come on, you can do it!" You can also just walk close to the guide if you feel you can't do it alone. So yep, why not?

During the tour the guide will tell you stories about Stockholm - so it's an amazing way to learn more about the Royal Family, the islands, it's was an unique experience to see the churches Riddarholmskyrkan, Storkyrkan, Lake Mälaren and Baltic Sea in a different view.

With the equipments they will also give you a plastic bag where you can use as a necklace and carry on your phone with you - no risks to loose it while taking pictures.

The last stretch of catwalk for me it's the most scary part, there is no place to hold - so I just did and felt very good about it in the end.

I had my friend Lars Thorn with me and he also thought the experience was just amazing. In the picture bellow you can see how happy we were, even thought it looks like we were working on the roof with all the helmets and equipments.

Skip the obvious, come with me to try different experiences around the world.

So if you are in Stockholm - you know ;)


Stockholm Rooftop Tour/ Takvandring


#ADVPost of Love - Dias de Luana was invited for Rooftop Tour and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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