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[Stockholm] Il Molo: the best Italian restaurant

I made my favourite thing for dinner: A reservation! And I always keep coming to my favourite Italian restaurant, Il Molo it's inside Gallerian, just in the heart of Stockholm. I highly recommend it and this is one of the restaurants you will never leave hungry - seriously, their food is so good and the portions is so well served. So save some space if you are planning to get dessert too.

Il Molo it's perfect in any occasion: date night, family reunion, with kids or just like us a big group of friends. We had an amazing dinner for ten people and everybody left sooo full and happy.

You can't skip the appetizer, here it's the perfect place for some starters and then main course. I recommend you to share - If you are the type of sharing food person. We were ten and we got different starters like ham, cheese and olives and then we also shared different pasta, sallads and pizza. It was so cool because we could discuss which one was our top 3 favourites, some of them we played of guess the flavours, we could spend the whole evening talk, drinking and eating.

I can't leave Il Molo without eat their truffle cheese - IT TASTES LIKE HEAVEN!

It's hard to choose my favourite dish - because everything it's so good. But if I had to make a list of my top three: Tagliatelle con funghi e guanciale- pasta with mushroom, white wine salse and topped with truffle my fav pasta ever and ever, I mean this whole combination could never go wrong, then in second place I like the Löjrom pizza (lörjrom it's a type of caviar) with mozzarella, potatoes, baked onion and lemon salse, I like the Il Toscano pizza with Mozzarella, parmesan, tryffel salami, kall and chiliflakes a lot.

Good food brings happy faces. :)

FOOD COMA - I wish I could sit at the restaurant forever!

They serves breakfast, lunch and dinner - I always come for dinner and the only bad part it's they close at 20:00 because the whole shopping mall closes at 8pm. But there is not problem at all - book a dinner around 17pm and you will have enough time.

One of my first thought when I came to Il Molo the first time was:"Hmmm it's doesn't sounds soo cool to have dinner inside a shopping mall" but WAIT, let me tell you - I love this place so much now for many reasons. The first one it's the best break while shopping, I like to go a bit earlier to shop at Gallerian and then sit down for a nice dinner, and/or sometimes I just come straight to dinner. You don't feel at all you are inside a mall (even tho Gallerian it's a small mall) you feel like an oasis in the middle of chaos. The restaurant feel so isolated from the shopping mall, the guys did a really good job, and they have a nice decoration and even trees inside - super cozy!

Brazilian gang (We were celebrating the guys families which were all leaving Sweden) Left to right: Pedro who plays football at Frej Täby and his family, Zé also player from Frej Täby, Jean who plays in Hammarby with his mom Edleuza and my little family, little sis and fiance.

Thank you so much for the invitation Il Molo, we had so much fun and I can't wait to be back to eat my favourite truffle pasta again.


IL MOLO | GALLERIAN | info@ilmolo.se | 08-20 36 30

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