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St Petersburg Most Do: Enjoy the Nordic Cuisine

In June I got to enjoy Russia while World Cup and between the games I had time enough to enjoy what the city has to offer, and believe there is uncountable options to go out, eat, drink and of course, sightseeing.

I must say I found out St. Petersburg very European in the sense it's so close to Scandinavia. It was just 1:30h flight from Stockholm, closer then many countries in Europe. You can even take a ferry to St. Petersburg. The city has many canals and rivers, which also remembers me Stockholm a lot (but in a Russian way). Well, it's hard to explain but comparing St. Petersburg with Moscow for example, you will find out St Petersburg it's way more developed, more people speak english and so on.

The traditional Danish "Smørrebrød"

So here it goes a very fun fact: I had the best ever nordic food in my life in... Russia! Yes!

Even living almost three years in Sweden, in St Petersburg I found out a restaurant called "Nordic" few minutes away from the airport.

Nadia (the owner) and the chef Alex.

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Nadia, the owner and amazing power woman. Do you know the type of person you talk to and make you think: "wow! she is doing so great!" Yes! I love to meet women who are doing stuff, and for sure Nadia was one of these. She had traveled to Scandinavia and got inspired by nordic food and then decided to bring it to Russia, as there is also a huge amount of wild animals. So in a partnership with the chef Alex, also a very nice person and amazing chef - who traveled to Norway, Sweden and Estonia - and then they got to create the fining dining of nordic Cuisine in Russia.

"He was surprised by the taste and how they show and present everything. So we have many dishes with dear and venice, fish, porcini mushrooms and berries. It's our main goal to show our citizens and foreigns our fusion of Nordic food", said Nadia while presenting the restaurant open kitchen located in the middle of the restaurant.

The whole place it's a interesting journey to the nordics, every single detail. From the pictures and symbols on the menu, windows and chairs decoration. Ah, I must talk about the lights too - they created a room with 4.000 different plastic illuminated panels which recreates the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Nordic Restaurant has an open kitchen and just great cocktails bar, with herbs and flourish drinks.

The restaurant it's a bit far away from city center but Nadia explained why: as the meat and ingredients are fresh and comes from the Russian nature the restaurant it's in a special location to create the feeling to go on a trip, a journey to the Nordics.

Seriously, this place it's forever on my list of favourite restaurants around the world.

"For Russian people, they have a desire to try something new as deer meat and salmon, for example" - complemented Nadia.

I can't wait to share the video about the restaurant, it will come soon on my Instagram TV at @diasdeluana.

You can find more info about the restaurant at:



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