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Smakresa: food from around the world without leaving home

Atualizado: 1 de Mai de 2020

You all can imagine that by now I'm truly missing traveling. Well, the good thing is I got plenty of time to fix my flat and to organize everything I've been postponing for the last months. But I would like to share about a cool 'traveling' idea. Couple of days ago I received an email from Smakresa, asking if I would like to try their concept & food.

Their idea is to bring different dishes from all around the world to you, feeling lazy to cook or out of inspiration? This is also a great option for you. I really liked that they take three cities/countries and then you receive the pre-made meals straight to your door. In pandemic times this is more than perfect, I truly miss discover and try new foods from all around the world.

I received today: Mexico - Bombay- Nådendal. You choose on their website which 'package' you want, if you want for one or two people and then just enjoy their free delivery. In the end you get an award-winner chef cooking food from the whole world and pay around 99 sek per meal. Food for one: 399 kr

Food for two: 599 kr

Delivery is for free and they also donate every 10th dish to Stockholm Stadsmission. :)

Chefs Mikko Pölkki and Gilles Gaume are responsible for the recipes and menus and have worked as chefs at several award-winning restaurants. In recent years, Mikko has worked in Dubai, for example. Dubai World Trade Center as restaurant development chef. Mikko has also been selected for this year's restonomer. The dishes are prepared by Five Moments Catering, which is at the Friends Arena in Solna. Five Moments is known for its excellent catering service.

With the code DIASDELUANA you get 10% of until May 3, so hurry up! You can order different meals combinations on their website and they will delivery it to you each week. How simple? I really liked the idea and hope you enjoy it too.

Click here to their website.

I'm also looking forward to try out Rio de Janeiro edition next week! <3

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