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Santo — New Italian Restaurant in Stockholm

Atualizado: 13 de Mai de 2020

I’ve been invited to a press dinner at Santo, a new restaurant in Vasastan (Roslagsgatan 53). They are officially opening the door for the restaurant tomorrow and it’s a must visit, since the food was so good I wanted to share it here.

First of all, Santo has such great interior. It felt very cozy and same time a bit of luxury. But it’s the type of restaurant which it serves good food, in great presentation without make it feels like the type of restaurant you are afraid to drop a fork. It’s the type of place you can come with friends, with kids and definitely on a date.

What I like more while eating out, it’s to find great local restaurant. I’m passionate about local restaurants because they always have the best food. Do you want to know why? Because people will come back. Local restaurants always have cool stories behind their good kitchen. Just like Santo has a beautiful story.

Gabriele and Hanna (couple and owners of Santo). Gabriele Paziani comes from a restaurant family from Rome/Italy. He worked as a waiter at his grandparents restaurant - just when Hanna met him in 2006. She was traveling and the hotel she stayed was just in front the restaurant. When she saw Gabriele watering the plants and singing outside the restaurant in the morning. This was when the love story began. How romantic? It could easily be a film! Now they live in Sweden and wanted to bring a piece of Italy with them.

Me and other bloggers got to try a bit of every dish from their menu and I can tell you already which dish I’m coming back for: tortelli filled with pumpkin. But let me share some of the plates we got to try (we had small portions and when ordering at the restaurant the plate might be slightly bigger).

Polpo e ceci - Octopus with chickpea cream (179:-)

Manzo in salsa verde - Long-cooked beef with parsley sauce (149:-)

Torttelli di zucca cacio e pepe - Tortelli stuffed with pumpkin, pecorino cheese and pepper (219:-)
Tortellini in brodo - Tortellini in meat broth (229:-)
Tiramisu (109:-)

Semifreddo with pistache frrom Sicilien (119:-)

Santo is opening the door for the fist time on 4th October and they will be serving dinner everyday and during weekend lunch and dinner. Make sure you visit it, I highly recommend it. And tell me later if you liked it.

With love,


PS: I was invited to a press dinner but would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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