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Review: Hotel Riverton in Gothenburg

Once a year happens the Way Out West in Gothenburg, city in south of Sweden (470km from the capital Stockholm). The festival it's very popular not only for Swedes but many Danes who lives close to the boarder Sweden-Denmark. In this edition in 2018, I got to attend the festival for the second time and just got to stay in one of the coolest hotel's (I must say) in Sweden.

Riverton Hotel it's very close to the festival venue (you can get a tram and you'll take not more than 10 minutes) - also walking distance to Central Station and Old City. The hotel location it's a hub to everywhere you want to go in the city main attractions, the historic district Haga, popular shopping street Kungsgatan and Lindholmen Science Center. There is also plenty of stores and restaurantes nearby.

I must say one of the things what makes the difference in Riverton it's their Sky View restaurant on the 12th floor with panoramic views - there was no better experience such have a glass of wine and see the view over Gothenburg.

As many places in Sweden, the hotel it's a cashfree hotel. Part of a "cashless" society Sweden it's turning to.

The Hotel it's super modern and even the menu in the restaurant you could choose with a menu direct in their Ipads.

The room was so lovely, with a glass bathroom and very (I said VEEEERY) comfortable bed, as you might see in the picture I was more interested in stay in bed then attend the festival.

Riverton was the perfect combo of festival life and relaxing experience, as after a long day the only thing I wanted it was to take a hot shower and sleep well for the next day. Tired? They got it fixed too, you can just order room service.

Riverton's wellness area was also very complete with a jacuzzi, gym and saunas. Let me repeat again, perfect combo - it's was funny how my morning were so relaxed and calm, eating buffet breakfast and swimming and then the crowd of a music festival later.

Breakfast was complete with everything you need cold and hot food - or even more. Huge options between freshly baked breads, juices, coffees, cereals, I mean - you had it all. Even the coffee, you could choose between cappuccino, cortado, macchiato, latte, expresso, regular coffee, hot chocolate, etc etc.

They also have something special called Afternoon Tea - which I can wait to come back and try it out since their pictures on Instagram looks just amazing and I wish I could have tried, maybe it's a good excuse to go back there.. :)

See you soon Gothenburg!


Stora badhusgatan 26 SE- 11 21 Gothenburg | Sweden


#ADPost of Love - Dias de Luana was invited for Riverton Hotel and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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