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Pool time!

[Paid collaboration with Poolgiganten]

Summer is finally here and warm days have arrived to Sweden. Last week was super warm and this week will be even warmer. So in collaboration with Poolgiganten I want to present you a great website if you are planning to have that dream pool at your house.

They have right now 20% discount, so hurry up to enjoy this opportunity.

First of all, you need to find the right pool for your needs. You should check about the Thermopoolen 3.0, the ones Poolgiganten sells, which is the market's best pool frame. They have over thirty years of combined experience with pools and pool bases so they definitely know what they are talking about. Read more about our pools below and you will understand what they mean. Read about it here.

At their website you can even find a price example for regular pool sizes. For example: the most common pool packages our customers choose are between 4 x 8 meters and 5 x 10 meters, with a standard depth of 1.5 meters. We make home visits in Stockholm, Gothenburg and the Malmö region if you want tips on which pool size suits you and your plot best.

Thermopool 4 x 8 meter

Thermoblock 3.0, blå liner med snäpplist,  bottenmatta 550 g, stege 4-steg vikbar, komplett belysning, bräddavlopp och inlopp i ABS-plast, kraftigt reningsverk, kopplingspaket XL, startpaket kemi/städ Extra. Larg.

Price from: 90 670:- Deep: 1,5 meter

Important to remember that they have the complete pool package ready to install.

When you are going to buy a pool, there is a lot to think about. Buy a complete pool package from us and they will make sure you bring everything you need to start building your dream pool.

Oh, I can't wait to start to plan a real pool at my place soon.

With love,

Luana Soares.

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