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Oslo on summer: Sørenga Seawater Pool

Few weeks ago I went to Oslo for no more than 4 days on a working trip. Even with the tight schedule I got some time of to enjoy the summer days and believe me, it was 29 degrees!

With a Swedish/Chilean friend she show me around the new area in Oslo, they are building everywhere and just a walking distance from the Opera House there is a "beach" called Sørenga, a large fjord pool with seawater from the Oslo Fjord, a swimming pool, a beach, a children's pool, and a large recreational area with big crowds on sunny summer days.

I even tried to swim but the water was so freaking cold!

Sørenga is a new neighbourhood located along Oslo's new Harbour Promenade with cafés, restaurants and great outdoor spaces on the waterfront. Also a nice tip if you want to sit and eat or if you are just looking for a nice walk.


0150 Oslo

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