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Once Upon: Make you own photo book

(Paid collaboration w/ Once Upon)

I just got DIAS DE LUANA photo book home and I'm so in love with it - I feel everybody should know about it because Once Upon it's a super cool way to turn your memories into a book. If there is something I miss more, it's to have the pictures of my travels together, I mean we have phones today and I feel we miss the whole part of show your memories to friends or to use it as a remember of all good moments.

I tried to put together my favourite pictures from special travels and the app it's super easy to use - the only hard part it was when I had to choose which picture and which travel, since every single trip it's special and it's hard to choose my favourite countries and cities, as every single place has great things.

You can make your book in less than 30 minutes, which it's crazy how easy and fast you can do it... AND FROM YOUR PHONE. Yes - it makes so much easier the whole process as you just need to make it page by page and surprise, the book is ready. You can review it, change text, layout of the photos, add up to 6 photos in the same page, full page photo, etc. You are your editor and you decide what you would like to write.

You can ever order again the same book - the app it's super easy to use!

This is the perfect gift to a friend, the perfect weeding book, kids book, travels book, there is thousand of great opportunities to turn your pictures in a book. It's also great decoration, a coffee table book, etc. I'll for sure bring my book with me when I come to visit a friend, so they can update a bit about where I've been.

Speaking about friends, you can even make a photo book together! Both create an account and you build it together, super cool.

With the code "DIASDELUANA20" you get 20% discount on your order - code valid until 21st July. Click here.

*Tip: check out the picture resolution, for example if you edit in another app or etc, it might be low resolution, try to use the original picture, or try to download the picture, if you take a print from a picture from FB or IG, it also can be low quality.

My book was the "Classic" 100 pages, hard cover 27x27 with mate finish.

With love,


#ADPost of Love - this post is a paid collaboration. I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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