• Luana Soares

Monday’s Mantra: what the hell are you waiting for?

Monday’s Mantra (even though today it’s Tuesday) came late because well, life just happens all the time. It’s very cliche but life never stops to wait for you.

So, what are you doing to catch up with the life you dreamed of? Going really straight for it, did you even started?

I’m writing this text from my bed at a hotel in Tel Aviv. And so crazy as life goes I got a working trip to Israel. My life is not perfect but it’s the life I choosed to me. I’m really glad for it, every single day when I wake up. Constantly I receive messages from people asking how I did to get where I got or if I have a lot of money to travel and bla bla bla. No! The only and most important thing I did it was fight for what I wanted. Easy like how it should sound. Even tho it’s the strongest and hardest thing someone could do.

Stand out for yourself and you gonna see the magic happening. It all starts with today. Yes, do it now! 

If you want to be a travel blogger start writing about the places you went or about the city you live now, you don’t need to cross the globe to have stuff to talk about. 

The second rule very important is ask yourself why you want it. Sometimes we get in doubt with things we think we want it but in the end it wasn’t out strongest desire. So ask yourself why you want that and why this would change your life.

Don’t listen to others. Follow your dream! Believe me, there is so many people out there doing what they love more and there is also a lot of unhappy people complaining about their unhappiness. So in which side do you want to be? Ah? 

See you next week,

A lot of travels and dreams for y’ll.


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