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Midsummer 2020

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Here we are again, one of my favorite festivities, it's Midsummer again! I love everything about this celebration: the summer solstice (the sun never sets and it's bright the whole day), all dancing, food, to wear a midsummer crown, every single detail make this day unique and magical. The holiday is often celebrated between 19-25 June in Sweden and it's celebrated at the countryside. This is the first year that I actually celebrate it in Stockholm. I have spent so much time & effort on my garden, also on Sailor School to learn how to drive a boat, that I felt like I should celebrate it here. And it was for sure the best choice ever.

I had a fantastic day with my favorites, I woke up early to prepare the garden and to start to prepare the food, I was so excited as this year had one of the best weather in more than 20 years! It always rain on midsummer, so this year had high expectations from everybody.

But first let me show you my Midsummer outfit:

CLICK HERE for earrings -- NA-KD

CLICK HERE for nail polish and treatment from Depend (I liked so much this gel cover, it makes your nail polish last for at least 7 days)

CLICK HERE for Sunglasses from Prestige

CLICK HERE for the best lashes ever, seriously even on a 120km/h jetski ride the lashes stayed in place! Haha

Then the guests started to arrived and me and the girls made our own midsummer crowns, this is one of my fav part of this celebration, to careful select beautiful flowers and wear them to whole day.

After we did our crowns we packed our bags and went to the boat - and again, the weather was just incredible amazing! Almost 32 degrees, can you believe? Well, I can't.

We spent a couple of hours in the sun, tanning, swimming and we even got to ride a jetski, my friend Vlada came by with his jetski and we had so much fun! It feels great to feel the wind when you are about 120km/h, righ?!

Then we came back home, time for barbecue & swim! I finally got my Lay-Z SPA pool (click here to find where to buy) it's a properly SPA and it's sooo pretty, so well this will be my location during summer, you know where to find me...

What an awesome day with my friends, it felt so special and warm and unique that I'm already looking for more parties in the garden and definitely booking new summer plans.

Here a few pictures from this dreamy day:

Me and Jean Carlos, one of my best friends <3

Norr Company to keep hydrated under such warm day!

How cool? Let's go on a ride with Vlada's jetski!

I also got to drive and spoiler: we survived! haha

CLICK HERE to find the pool

I wish a lovely summer for you all and let's keep positive!

With love,


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