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Microblading in Stockholm

The fact that we are at home at the moment don't really means that you shouldn't stop to do your beauty treatments, actually the opposite. As I'm working from home I do want to feel like I'm pretty, so often I'm using regular clothes and put some makeup on. Since it's been almost two months working from home I'm starting to get tired to just wear comfy clothes and sit at the sofa (if you know what I mean).

So I booked a microblading at my favourite specialist in Stockholm, her name is Bojana Klikovac and believe me, if you are looking for any skin treatment in town, save your time and money, you should book an appointment with Bojana because she is just the best! Not only a super cute person, but also she has so many certificates and she is a truly professional in what she is doing. I like that I always learn new things about my skin when I meet her.

If you say that you came from my blog, then you get 25% off discount. OR you can even get 2 procedures and pay just for 1. How cool? So don't forget to mention that you saw this post on Luana's blog and ask for your discount. :)

This was the second time I came by her salon (in Drottninggatan 63), first time I did a skin analysis, AMAZING EXPERIENCE, seriously! Like you learn which type skin you have and it may vary different skin conditions in your face. For example I learned that my skin is both dry and sensitive in different areas. I also learned which products should I use for my skin, as I had no idea truly when I was buying or doing my skincare. It's funny how we don't even think about it, but it could be that 80% of the products we use on our daily routine is not the ideal product for our skin and it's hard to deep understand that if you are not a professional like Bojana. This is why I recommend the entire city to go there and do this skin analysis. You even receive a report on your email, super cool.

Ok, let's go back to Microblading. I did once before, about two years ago and I regret that time I haven't met Bojana yet. As I wasn't too satisfied with the previous experience, I booked it online and when I got there I didn't feel too comfortable but I had booked and well, it is what it is. BUT this is a super important step, that what really matters in this procedure is that you do with someone you trust, someone you know that it will do a good work and someone who understand your needs. It's a semi permanent procedure and it will stay there (not forever but for a long time) so make sure you like the design and the shape.

(You don't need to get scared about it either, it's removable, so if by any chance you wake up one day and you want a whole new design, then you can do a microblading removal).

Just the process of finding the right shape took more than one hour, Bojana explained each step by step and I like that she shows what she is doing, you can see the products (5th generation pigments that just really professionals gets access to in Sweden), so you know exactly what's happening. It made me feel comfortable and I trust her work, but most important that I would get a shape that fits my face and the one I wanted to.

After we got the shape, then it's time to start!

It don't hurts as a normal tattoo and believe me, there is no reason to be scared of this treatment it's ok! You can tell Bojana and she will do her best, I'm sure about it. So don't really get stressed about it will hurt, because you don't feel any pain, just that someone is working on your browns.



Once your browns is done then you need to make sure to also do a great after care. Bojana have a whole aftercare kit to you, so you can bring home exactly everything you need. Awesome kit though, I really liked the soap and the cream, she even gave the protections to sleep. Every single detail she does makes the whole experience great and that you feel you want to go back there again very very soon.

So I really hope to be back there in a couple of weeks, for the retouch but I also planning to do Lashlift and microblading on my lips! I'm so excited about it. :)

*on my right brown I still need to fix the end because as I had microblading from before and I decided to change the shape, I will go back to 'remove' a bit from the end. this is how important is to do this treatment with someone you trust and is professional, so you make sure to find exactly right shape for you.

Here is a list of treatments you can do with her:

Home Skin Treatment, Hair Growth, Oxygen Facial Therapy, Plasma Pen, Microneedling, Acne Scar, Microblading, Permanent Make Up removal, LashLift, LashExtensions, check her site to know more. Click here to make an appointment.

Her Instagram account:

Click here.

Let me know if you have any question about it and I'll be happy to reply.

You can also contact Bojana direct on:

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