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Make the most of your trip to Mallorca

Yes baby, I never thought this day would come but... I've partying with style in a limousine in an island in Spain. Crazy, right?

I arrived in Mallorca on Friday 8th and just a few hours later I was on a limo tour around the streets of Palma. And this is why you should maximize your experience and try things you never did before. In other countries, especially in big cities, it´s common to occasionally rent a limousine to celebrate important  events like weddings, graduations, bachelor parties… In Spain, although not as common as in America, it´s certain that limousine rental has gradually increased during the last few years.

My point is, you don't need a reason to do it. You should just do it, because it's an unique experience. We (me and Lycia aka. the surprised birthday girl) got the Limousine Hummer (H2), which it was 10m length, fully equipped with TV, bar, speakers with subwoofers and amplifiers, air conditioning system, illumination and etc. I can not describe our faces when we saw the huge white limousine coming to our direction.

You should try it out and make a surprise for someone, or just to yourself. Why not? And if you do then tell me, I would like to see the pictures!

If you are in Mallorca, get in contact with LimoMallorca because they are the best. The driver was very friendly and punctual. And if you want to check for others unique experiences then you should check Show Palma, I highly recommend it. They also have events, shows, performances, luxury cars, limousines and more. I wish I could teletransport myself back to Mallorca right now.

We even got a bottle of champagne and this made the tour even more unforgettable, fancy and unique. So don't think twice, money can't buy happiness but believe me it can buy memorable experiences!

More posts about Mallorca coming soon


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