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[Sweden] Driving License

Atualizado: 30 de Set de 2019

(In collaboration with Körkortsskolan)

There are many reasons why you would need or want to get a Swedish driving license - in my case it's because I never had a driving license before - and/or the Brazilian license it's valid for only 1 year in Sweden. So yes - I've been postponing it for more than three years, it's now time to finally get my driving license. A Swedish driving license is a good investment if you plan to stay in Sweden for a while, plus it's valid in the whole Europe.

I must say there are some steps to follow, and I'm just about to start to have mine I want to present step-by-step of the whole process and since I can't find so much information about it in English, I hope this post can help you. Keep reading the blog often, as every new process I will write about it, until I finally have my driving license in hand!

Learners permit – körkortstillstånd

The process of getting a Swedish driving license starts by applying for a learners permit – (körkortstillstånd). To start the process you need to:

fill out the application form to apply for a learners permit and the health & eye sight declaration, called  “Ansökan körkortstillstånd + hälso & synintyg“  and submit it to the Swedish Transport Agency – Transportstyrelsen. (The information is in Swedish). You first click on the link and fill in the information, they will send to your home a letter a couple of days later.

When you receive the letter, you will need to fill up with an eyesight certificate (synintyg) and submit it to your application. Pay attention because when you receive this letter you have one month to make the eye exam and send it back again, I completely forgot about the time and then I had to entry the website again and start a new process, they sent once again the letter and I went to the optic to get their sample. I paid 499kr for the exam at "Specsavers" and I booked a time online for the same day, very simple and easy. The exam takes around 30 minutes, and it's like a regular eye exam where you need to say what you see and they will check if you need glasses and so on. For me was just perfect because I actually needed to upgrade my glasses too, so I paid for one exam and got 'both'.

You also need to sign the health declaration which comes in the application form, which confirm that you have no illnesses that might influence your driving ability. There is no cost for the application, just for the eye test as I mentioned before.

I want to present one of the steps which I already started too with Körkortsskolan they have everything you need to pass the Swedish Transport Administration's theory test have, such as körkortsfrågor. Together with traffic teachers, they have created a large range of theory issues. For you to get a better understanding and achieve deep learning, all our questions are explained.

And here it goes the service they offer:

1. Exercises: For you to effectively learn all driving license theory, there are various exercises with driving license issues within the categories Traffic rules, Personal conditions, Traffic safety, Vehicle awareness & Environment, and Signs. For all questions, there is explanation and reference to the driving license book. This means that you increase your understanding and remember your knowledge in driving license theory longer. By doing questions in each category you can easily see which parts of the driving license theory you need to practice more on and what you can already do. Once you have passed all categories, you can go ahead and do the theory test.

2. Theory test: The theory test consists of driving license questions from all categories and is the last step before you are ready for the Swedish Transport Administration's theory test. The exam has the same structure as the Swedish Transport Administration, that is, you must get 52 out of 65 right in 50 minutes to get approved. This means that you get into the habit of writing the test while you learn all the driving license theory you need to pass the theory part for B driving license on the first attempt.

3. Statistics: From exercises you have done before. With the help of the statistics you can easily see what you need to practice more on. You can also go back to old theory tests to see which questions you answered right or wrong.

I can't wait to tell you more from the whole process - if you have any tips or questions just write down here.

Safe rides!



--- #ADPost of Love - this post it's a collaboration with Körkortskolan and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend. 

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