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Insider guide to Bucharest: made by locals

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Couple of weeks ago I went on a press trip with the team of Experience Bucharest. It was an amazing trip with 100 top journalists around the world, together to promote the capital of Romania. The trip happens once or twice a year with journalists from across the globe to push the tourism in the city. I had the pleasure to join the fourth edition and the tips it's very worth share - as it was made by locals.

I arrived in Bucharest on Friday 4th November and stayed until 6th November - very short time. So I highly recommend you to stay at least one week, to explore outside Bucharest. Visit the Dracula's castle and see the country side. My heart was brook down I could't visit Transylvania, but well... There is always a second time!

So let's write down the activities day by day and I hope you get some inspiration for you next trip to Bucharest.

Day 1: Friday.

We met all the other journalists and bloggers and then it was time for a Walking Tour to already get to know a bit about the city. The tour is called: ‘The Story of Bucharest’ powered by Walkabout Free Tours. It was a great introduction to get to know where is all the places, as we passed by the famous Carturesti, the most Instagrammable library in the world.

The guide also pointed good places to eat, I highly recommend Manuc - we went there to eat on your last day and it was just delicious. You should order the traditional Romanian pork cabbage, it was my favourite dish ever.


Str. Franceză, nr. 62-64


Caru' cu Bere is a bar and restaurant on Stavropoleos Street, opened in 1879 and moved to the current location, a gothic revival building designed by Austrian architect Siegfrid Kofczinsky, in 1899. The architecture it's just incredible.


Dinner and networking cocktail party at Nomad - we had tapas were everybody could share. IT WAS SO GOOD! The whole place is on my favorite bars around the world. As it's very vibrant - with DJS, roof top bar and the decoration it's very unique.

Day 2: Saturday.

Starting the day with a walking tour called: 'How Bucharest became the “Little Paris” powered by Good Living Bucharest' - this at my point it's a must do tour as I had no idea about the connection between France and Romania. So it's a good opportunity to give you some introduction about history. Also to visit unexplored parts of the city you will never find by your own.

Muzeul Municipiului Bucuresti

Lunch at El Torrito: a very traditional Mexican food. If by any chance you have cravings for Mexican food, go there.

"Margaritas are always a good idea!" - The restaurant owner even before to ask what I wanted to drink, so yes, completely indeed.

And then it was time for an another walking tour, called "Real Life in the Neighborhood of Giants powered by Open Doors Travel" if you haven't ready my previous blog post about a giant Water Tower converted into a open air graffiti exhibition so check out the link in the end of this post and you will understand why this tour it's so cool.

The job was done and it was time to party! We started with a pre-party at Pura Vida Sky bar, which it's a good idea if you want to warm up, meet new people (as it's actually a hostel). You will get to get upstairs, as it's a Sky Bar. You will loose some weight on the way, as it's just stairs to get to the top. It's not so high and super worth it the view of Old Town.

It was about time to Party Like a Gatsby at one of Bucharest most fancy clubs, it was huge. The club had a carousel inside, seriously! So Alice in Wonderland. It was a special Carnival Party - with popcorn and much more. Check out more info about Fratelli here.

Day 3: Sunday.

I was very happy because I found money on the street just in front of the Arc. Good way to start the day.

The whole group started the day together with a visit to the Triumph Arch - very interesting to see at Bucharest has a copy of one of most important monuments in France. The visit it's very worth to do it, as it's a great view from the city and the monument it's beautiful.

Lunch at Gastronomika: it was a kind of food tour, mixed stories about Bucharest/Romania and of course, Romanian food. It was chocking to see Romanians actually eat onions as a snack! And for me this is the coolest part about traveling - you discovery so many new habits and gastronomy around the world.

Our guide wearing a traditional Romanian blouse, each line means something. It could be from who you are or your interests, like food. If your husband died, if you have a big family. Etc.

After lunch - straight to the next tour: The Royal Century powered by Walkabout Free Tours and Old Town Legends & Stories powered by BTrip Bucharest - both it's interesting if you want to know more deep about the Romanian Culture and influences from the past. It's always good to learn about the past to understand the present, right?

Both tour were great, but let's talk about paradise. It was definitely dinner at Dinner at Hop Garden. When I think about that dinner I start to get hungry. Food was DELICIOUS. They had both vegetarian and meat, if you like meat, you will find your next fav place. Vegetarian was also heaven.

We had the whole place for us - and by the end we got some gift bags from AMPT Bucharest

Day 4: Monday.

Breakfast at our hotel, Radisson Blu Bucharest. We went for a quick tour at the hotel and then headed to the International Conference – “Inspiring Success stories of tourism marketing". Great way to understand more about Tourism in Romania and it made me feel I need to go back soon. There is so much to explore in so many different seasons of the year.

Day 5: Time to go back to Stockholm.

There is many low coast flights from Scandinavian. Which I believe makes Romania the perfect weekend-way or Europe trip. It's cheap to eat/drink/get around and the flights you can get good deals too. SUPER WORTH IT. I will never forget my days in Bucharest and can't wait to go back there soon.

Thank you so much for the amazing press trip the whole team of #ExperienceBucharest. See you soon again.

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#ADPost of Love - This was on a press trip with Experience Bucharest

Administrația Monumentelor și Patrimoniului Turistic București (AMPT) and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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