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How Swedes celebrates Easter - Borlänge, Sweden

So then its easter again and after three long months in Brazil it’s very cool to have some family feelings again.

So it’s time to show a bit of Swedish Traditions for Easter. Which it’s actually kind similar to other holiday traditions like midsommar food or Christmas food.

There is a special “coke” called Påskmust (bebida da páscoa) which is the exaclty same one for Christmas called “julmust” (bebida de natal). I’m not a big fan of it, I think it’s not a really good taste, it tastes like a poor version of coke but if you grow up as a kid in Sweden it’s very excited to drink it just in special days and as my swedish friends says, they don’t really drink it after the holidays. (It’s important to say these two are selled just during the both ocasions).

I also never thought I would say it but here it go, I like this egg with maionese and shrimps. This would never fit with any food in Brazil, but I like it a lot here. I think swedes eats a lot of egg, like boiled egg for breakfast.

Borlänge it’s a really cozzy city part of Dalarna region. It’s aprox 2 hours away by train from Stockholm, and maybe it’s not the most touristic city in Dalarna. I would recommend Falun which it’s maybe bigger with more option of things to do. 

And believe I will definitely write a full article about Dalarna because it’s really worth it.

I love this fika feeling after a family lunch, where everybody just chill, drink coffee and keep talking.

It’s also so funny the fact of every “dala” person has a Dala hist at their houses! I think they are very proud of it too. 

I don’t know about you guys but it’s just so cool to see your partner pictures from when they were kids. I’m also very interested to see the country culture like the way people dressed in the past, how were they childhood, etc. 

For exemple it’s so cool to see Martin’s childhood playing snow, building snowman and all this stuff, as I come from Brazil all my children pictures are pretty much playing at the beach, wearing bikini, drinking coconut water or at the zoo. 

But it seems like Martin had a bit of summer feelings too!

Well, two years ago I couldn’t hold on more than 15-30 minutes conversation in Swedish. Nowadays I can not even just keep a full day in Swedish but also understand different accents from all over Sweden. Like be a pro in Dalarna accent now! I also had a lot of difficulty to understand different levels of age, for example kids or older generation I had to do double effort to understand, this also happened while learning Spanish and English. Do this happens to you too? 

Life is all about believe and be open to opportunities. It’s very sad to live in a country and don’t learn about their culture. So are you making an effort to do it?

If you have any Swedish Tradition you want to share with don’t excitate to send me a message!

Gladpåsk till er!

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