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Hilton Sa Torre: Unique Island Retreat

During summer I got the amazing opportunity to discover the unique island of Mallorca, in Spain. Mallorca it's completely different from every place I've been in Spain before. It's cozy, it's big and it's blue. Yes - thousand of different tones of blue.

By so far, Hilton it's a great choice if you are looking for a SPA retreat. It has everything you need and you will have no need to leave the complex. Believe me, you will relax.

If I need to pick just one word, it would be "relax" to describe this different Hilton Concept. During an interview with Nicholas Ostrovsky, General Director of Hilton Sa Torre, said: "We ask people: Do you know Hilton? Then they say: Yes, of course. Then we say close your eyes for two minutes and forget about Hilton, then open it again." as it's not the typical vertical building people know for, this is a normal house from the 17th century.

On 19th century the property belonged to Catalina Zaforteza know for "Gran Cristiana" (the Big Christian) she was very powerful. By the time the property had 7.000 hectares and now there is only 21 left. It was a private house and she had around 60 to 80 employees. Then the property was abandoned late 60-70's and it was transformed in a five start hotel, the reforme took around six years, because you have the Chapel.

The Chapel was built in name of Catalina, she had three daughters and when her first boy was born her husband instead of buying a present, he built a Chapel in his owner. So the Chapel came on the 19th century.

The Windmill it's from the 50th century. It's a flour Windmill and actually still works.

In June 2008 the hotel was open and it's 90 rooms, you can actually transform in 204 because several of the rooms can be divided in two suits. Then you have the Chapel and it hosts different types of events, they do between 20-25 Weddings per year.

There is five different conference rooms, four pools - there is a relax pool, which separates the family/kids area for people who want to relax. Sa Torre is well know by the peace and quietness. It's a very big cozy village, you easily see rabbits running around, you can even grab a fruit straight from the three. There is the SPA with 3 different treatment rooms, the Gym, holistic area with Turkish Bath, the gardens it's the local way of doing garden, they wanted to preserve the traditional Campina Mallorquina, to keep the tradition in the Mallorca style.

The main house has 30% of the rooms and the style it's completely different than other hotels, the main house it's more classic. The interior designer it's a woman from Madrid, Mercedes Gonzales. She did a good mix combining modern but also the classic Spanish style.

My fav thing ever: Hotel Breakfast - which by the way was a delicious buffet and the staff very friendly.

During summer they have Yoga Classes and many other activities organised inside the Hotel. It actually seems the perfect place for Yoga. And I wish I can come back to Sa Torre during summer next time.



Camí de Sa Torre km 8,7 07609

#ADPost of Love - Dias de Luana was invited by Hilton Sa Torre and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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