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Have you ever tried Laserdome?

Forget about all the typical travel guides and let's talk about Laserdome in Malmö, south of Sweden. Of course you should sightseeing in the city, walk in Old Town, check our Turning Torso, go to the beach, take a train to Copenhagen. But what about if you already did all these stuff? Then you should take a time to try Laserdome!

I never ever heard about Laserdome in Brazil before (maybe it has, I'm not sure) so it was an unique experience and a very funny day in Malmö. I love it!

I highly recommend you to book Laserdome with a group of friends - so you can compete together. I took the game so serious, I was running and hiding everywhere. Just like a kid and this is one of the best feeling you could have.

Lasedorme it's a futuristic laser game, you will get a special sensor-vest with a laser gun. Then you go through the dark gauges, ramps and over obstacles to chase your friends and other players. There is no computer game in the world that can include that much adrenaline rush, I can guarantee!

Guess who it's me on the hanking "Smurf"

In the end you see your score of the game, you can choose between one or three games. I did two and it I was so tired in the end because I was running the whole time. But maybe didn't run enough as in the raking I was the worst player with lower score. History of my life...

They even had a gun called "Ronaldo" hahaha

At the same place they also have other games as Prison Island and something they call "5-kamp" a very Swedish thing, kind of a competition with different types of games.





#ADPost of Love - Dias de Luana was invited for Laserdome Malmö and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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