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Green is the colour.

Atualizado: 13 de Mai de 2020

Abisko, 13th December 2019.

It’s about 19:25 but it feels like 1am, people has this idea of the north circle it’s very dark, but it feels brighter here than any another part of the world. We’re a group of nine from different parts of the world: Spain, Brazil, USA, India and China. We’re all different from each other. I have no idea who that people are but I know one single thing: we are all connected by this curiosity of seeing the world. We’re wanders, waiting for the same thing: to see the Northern Lights. It’s a mix of feelings to be here, you are living extreme unique experiences and maybe this is why it’s common from people from warm countries to cross the whole world to be here. It’s so sad to know only 10% of Swedes has been to Lapland. You never appreciate what you have because it’s ‘just there’, don’t be this person who travels outside your country because it’s cooler, see what you have first. Your country it’s part of your identity and culture, don’t waste a life thinking your country is just like how your city looks like. The world is huge and small at the same time, there’s always much to see. And today we’re here. Inside this van crossing the dark nights of Abisko illuminated by amazing moonlight. Silence. We learn during our life at the darkness is scary but it’s complete opposite. It’s fascinating how our eyes adapt for the lack of light and just after a few seconds you can see everything.

Our guide shots at there is a thin green line in the sky in the left side of the window. Excitement. The feeling of you are about to face your life’s top experience, the feeling of be sure about it but still unsure. You never know and this is why this trip to the Arctic Pole it’s so fascinating. You never know and it’s completely out of your control. If you are lucky, this natural phenomenon will happen just in front of you. The high-energy particles colliding with oxygen and nitrogen, when they collide it turns the energy into a light making this beautifully visible. The colours of the Aurora depend not only on the type of the gas particle being bombarded, but also at what altitude the collisions occur. It’s incredible to see how people reacts in different situations, we’re humans but with different emotions and watch it is as fascinating as watching the colours itself.

I keep repeating to myself: Thank you for every single step of this journey Luana, I hope this curiosity to see the world never fades. I wish all these moments I see with my eyes open, stays when I close my eyes. It’s hypnotizing. Your heart skips a beat, you hold your breath, dare not to blink. Green is the colour.

[Notes from my travel journey from Abisko National Park, Sweden].

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