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Giants of Pantelimon - Permanent Street Art Exhibition in Bucharest

This is not a regular water tower - one of the coolest art art exhibitions I've been. Situated in the suburb of Bucharest, it's a whole new concept and the best thing, it's out of the touristic zone. So you might see something very unique during your journey. To see the graffitis you need to get to the top of the tower and this was just amazing.

The idea is fascinating: the people of Pantelimon borough will tell their stories while artists interacted with the people and incorporate their stories into “street art on the roofs”. The public, looking from the tower, would be able to once again interact with their stories, seen through the eyes of artists, photograph them, post them on social media, comment and share them. The life of the neighbourhood, which cannot be found in any history book, will thus be placed between sky and earth for anyone interested in the past and present of Pantelimon.

I got to see this place on a tour called: "The Real Life in the Neighbourhood of Giants" powered by Walk About Tours Bucharest. The experience was even cooler because our guide actually lived there, so it was so lucky of us to have someone telling all the stories in a Bucharest you can not see just walking on the main routes.

The first electric tram in Bucharest, the demolition of many small houses in the 1970s to make way for the new blocks, the working class which built the socialist city and the life of the youth who learns about it now – all of these stories belong not only to Pantelimon but to most of the Eastern European neighbourhoods, right?

The project “Giants of Pantelimon” has started in the autumn of 2016, and is supported by ARCUB, the cultural centre of the city of Bucharest. A pilot was part of the projects developed for Bucharest’s candidacy as European Cultural Capital 2021. It continues with the support of the National Cultural Fund Administration. Currently, Make a Point collects stories from the residents of Pantelimon, stories which will be re-imagined by Romanian and international artists.

Make a Point has 10 years of experience in reconverting and reinventing industrial spaces, cultural intervention, as well as starting art projects in a place where the access to culture is limited by the lack of public infrastructure. They were the ones on charge of the project at Pantelimon. Worth to read if you want to see more about the cool stuff they do: http://www.makeapoint.ro/

I was so high and I was so afraid from the beginner to the end, maybe this is why I don't have too much pictures - because I'm always afraid I will drop my phone down. Anyway - super worth to do it as it is one of the highest view from the whole city and the amazing street art. Unforgettable.

I also heard there is some tours in Bucharest just for street art, it's called "Alternative Tour" I had to chose between tours and sadly I could't make for this one. I really want to be back to Bucharest soon to explore all the street art. It's one of my favourite things! What about you? Do you like art exhibitions?

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