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Gardening Plans: Spring is here!

[In paid collaboration with Nordiska Rum]

Spring is here (and soon summer! - I hope) and since I'm home with all travels cancelled for now, I decided to finally fix my garden. I always wanted to build a 'dream garden' but since I was always on the go I was like... "Oh maybe next summer..." So here I am. Planting, gardening & working on my gard.

There is much to do yet, but I started to buy some stuff and slowly it's starting to look like a properly garden. Let me share a picture from how it was before (don't get scared, I really never 'used' this part of the garden, which it's just by my bedroom window).

Quite a shame such big space and I never did anything with it... right?

First step was to remove the grass and start planting some vegetables. I'm happy that I had the best team, Isabelle (aka That Swedish Traveller) and Isabelle (aka little sister) to help me out. So we had the first sessions from what we call "PLANTS & BEERS".

So I'm planting: strawberries, different types of lettuce, cucumber & some chili!

Ok, now it's type to select which furniture I will buy but still not sure yet. I got a new grill and I want to have cozy lunch & dinners at the garden, or just chill by the sun.

So here a few options I'm thinking about from the outside/garden furniture from Nordiska Rum:




Nordiska Rum has so many different options for outdoor furniture that it's so hard to choose! If you are looking for furniture to your garden, balcony or even summer house, take a look at their website then. :)

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