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Food Tour in Moscow: a new way to understand and try the Russian Cuisine

While our journey in Moscow we had the opportunity to try a new way to discovery the city, we did a food tour with Eat Is Moscow.

I've tried Food Tours before and believe me it's a very cool new way to enjoy a city, as the guide will introduce you some culture, food background where you learn more about the city you are visiting.

We meet Alexander, our guide at a metro station when our journey started. It was really cool because since the beginner we was explaining about the city, the places around the subway station. For example this building which is considered the ugliest building in the city, it's a huge complex of 1,000 apartments and the building it's called as "Titanic" as it kind actually remember the ship. And this is a very funny story at, as a new modern apartments the wall is very thin, so people actually thought in that building the government could hear what people said.

We had a quite tight schedule that day so we could't go further on the other stops - there is different option of food tour but the one we took it was around 2-3 different places.

The first one was an amazing food market which I think we would never find by our way, it had different food from different parts of the world and it was soooo tasty! The best part of the tour is we got to try a bit from every place. And I wish I could get that truffle hamburguer again! (The meat it was from a farm in Russia, soooo good).

If you are in Moscow you should contact them:



#PubliPost of Love - Dias de Luana was invited for Eat is Moscow and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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