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Food Tour in Krakow - What do the Polish eat?

While my stay in Krakow Poland I was invited from Urban Adventures to try out a Food Tour. It was the first time I tried this type of a tour and I just loved it. And actually it changed completely the “relation” I had with the city. So here it’s a simple list why you should try a food tour in Krakow or whatever city you are planing to go:

1. Understand about the food culture will give a better overview about the whole country.

(Our guide Panvel explaining about Poland and food)

2. It’s very hard to have the same experience by your own. Who is better than a local to talk about your own country?

3. Believe me, you will go home very full. I had the impression of it will be just “some samples” but I barely could walk after the tour.

4. A lot of people are just worried about touristic points but their miss the best part of travelling: the food experience!

5. You will discovery local places to escape from tourist restaurant with hight prices and low quality.

6. And my favorite one “you will meet another travelers”, if you are a solo traveler it’s a good opportunity to hang out with others like you.

But this is not all, there is plenty of another reasons. In my case I was introduced for a Pierogi for the first time and I loooooved it more than everything!

(Pierogi ruskie z mięsem. Z kapusta i grzybami Rushian style - I asked the guide the names of the ones I tried because I would be never able to say it)

And here it go some stuff I learned while my food tour and I would like to share:

1. Polish people drinks a lot of beer. Researches says at poles consumes around 90 liters per year!!!

2. 20% of the population in Krakow are students, this is why the city is so alive and with an incredible nightlife.

3. It’s a drink tradicion to never fill your own glass, always need to be served for someone else on the table.

4. 25% of the Krakow population was jewish before the War.

And well, I will not tell you everything you should try the food tour by yourself.

Thank you Urban Adventures for the amazing experience! They are a very great companie all around the globe and they are my first option while traveling, I always look for a Urban Adventure when I first book my trip.

My friend Julia, who always help me as a part-time Dias de Luana team (love you!), our tour friends from Australia and US and our guide from Urban Adventures).

Can’t wait for my next food experience.

Which one is your favorite food?

Did you ever tried a food tour?

I’m looking forward your answers!


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