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Fillers Sweden: The day when I tried to be Angelina Jolie

The procedure before start the lip injections

This is a new concept of the blog as I never wrote before, the beauty section! It's interesting to think about it as beauty it's part of culture conception and mindset, right? The way you dress, what you use it's part of your culture and fashion.

In Sweden it's very popular to see the girls using lashes extensions and lip injections, and believe as soon as you arrive in Stockholm for example, you will notice it. As it's a trend.

Tina Steen nurse and entrepreneur owner of Fillers Sweden

In collaboration with Fillers Sweden I had the amazing opportunity to do the famous fillers injection on my lips for the very first time. Believe, I was super scared before as when you think about injections you already think about how painful it can be. So here it goes a list of information you need to know before doing it:

1. Forget everything you know about needles and pain, there is no pain AT ALL during the procedure. Before start, they will apply an anaesthetic cream around your lips (or the area you want to do) and will make you don't feel anything.

Even got my friend Lovisa with me to hold my hand while doing (but actually as I said it don't hurt anything)

2. You will start with 1ml if it's your first time, as it's not recommended to start with big amount, you can for sure add more next time you do it.

3. The result depends from people to people, as every body reacts different, it can takes from 1 month to 1 year to disappear. It really depends.

4. It's all natural. You will get an amount of Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in human bodies, is one of the most common ingredients for such injections.

5. It's very important to also take care of it after the procedure, you should always use sun protect even when it's not sunny outside.

Before and after my injection, Tina build up my upper lips so pretty! I always wanted to have the "heart" on the upper lips.

Fillers Sweden at Nybrogatan 72 - Östermalm - Stockholm


Fillers Sweden has three different treatments rooms and a hair saloon, there is many options of fillers I would definitely recommend it, I did on my lips but they have others treatments as noose injection, face sculpture and more.

With the code "LUANA2018" you can get discounts in all the treatments at Fillers Sweden.

Did you ever made any beauty treatment? Which one you would like to do it? Respond in the comments bellow.


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