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Fikatåget - the unique fika experience in Stockholm

Atualizado: 13 de Mai de 2020

Did you know there is a coffee tram in Stockholm? The best way to experience the city either for locals or tourists — you can find The Djurgården Line during weekends from early April until mid-December, daily during July and August. They run trams different eras, this one is the famous Fikatåget from 1949.

I saw the tram a couple of times before during summer and always wondered who or where to catch it. Saturday I was celebrating my birthday and during a walk in Östermalm I saw the train stopped in front of Norrmalmstorg. A unique way to experience the traditional Swedish Fika, you pay only 35 sek adult/ 20 sek youth price. Hot drinks costs 25sek and pastries 30sek. You can also get a sandwich or ice cream, depends of your mood.

For many years, The Djurgården line has been a highly appreciated feature of Stockholm's transport. What is the background of this success? Probably a combination of a feeling for heritage, the sound and smell of riding the old trams, you do feel like going back in time while sitting and having a coffee.

The Djurgården Line was inaugurated on 1991. The line is 3,200 meters long and runs between Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm and Waldemarsudde on Djurgården.

For more information about the train, click here.

Information about the timetable and where to find the tram, click here.

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