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(In paid collaboration with Capcito)

Everybody who knows me, knows that I'm an entrepreneur and that I love to invest in new company and start new companies all the time. But to make this happen it's need an investment and today I would like to present the company Capcito to you!

Corporate financing is a loan you take out. It is thus all external capital that is brought into your business. It can be grants, investments, venture capital and more. Corporate financing can be taken when needed to acquire fixed assets such as machinery or real estate or pay a salary. Corporate finance thus means in its broadest definition all kinds of external capital that can be brought into a business, which then includes pure grants, investments and money. There are several different types of corporate finance, so I highly recommend you to check out https://www.capcito.com/sv website!

With just three steps you:

1) Get an offer right away

Get a free quote by answering a few questions about your company. If you connect your business system, you can get an even better offer.

2) Apply online

We analyze your sales and produce an offer, regardless of whether you need money today or current liquidity over a longer period. If you want to move on, it is easy to apply online.

3) Payment within 24 hours

Upon approved application, payment is made immediately and the money is often in your account on the same day.

Wish you good lucky with your business!!



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