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Driving License in Sweden: Private Lessons /Handledarkurs

In a paid collaboration with Trafiko

Not so long ago I decided to finally take my driving license in Sweden. In between my busy traveling schedule, I started to study both theory and the practical lessons. Most of the questions I received about driving license is: how much it costs to take the license? Well, a lot. I think we all know that and honestly, expect to pay around (25,000 sek) to get your license. But you can do reduce this amount finding the right schools and my extra tip is: driving private!

So to make your life's easier I would like to recommend you Trafiko, it's a company that holds tutor/ handledarkurs around Sweden. You book the courses easily, directly on your mobile! They also have a digital platform for practice driving for all the driving moments you need to practice before driving. Once you have completed one of their courses you will have access to the platform for free.

In order to get practice driving at home (private practice driving), both the student and the supervisor need to have taken the supervisor course, also called supervisor training or introductory training. The supervisor course is held in accordance with the Swedish Transport Agency's, the duration of the course is about three hours long excluding breaks.

To take the course, the student must be at least 15 years and 9 months. When the supervisor training is completed, it is valid for 5 years. This means that the supervisor can apply for tutoring to several students during this time. After 5 years the supervisor needs to retake the course in order to apply for more supervisors. In the past, supervisors had to go through the course with each student, but this changed in 2010.

To be able to be a tutor you need to submit your application first (here), there are some requirements you need to meet: You have turned 24 years. You and your student have undergone introductory training over the past five years, whether the practice driving applies to a passenger car or light truck. You have a valid driver's license from Sweden or another EEA country. You must have had permission for the vehicle you will be practicing for a total of at least five of the last ten years.

What you will learn at the course:

Overview of the course content

Part 1 - Introduction: The history of road safety and the zero vision. Requirements for supervisor and student as well as rules for practice driving. Compulsory elements in the driving license education and how the training is organized in order to be as efficient and traffic-safe as possible.

Part 2 - Exercise Driving Preparation before exercise. Basic driving exercises and various traffic situations. Scanning and storytelling.

Part 3 - Environment and road safety Environment and economical driving.

Road safety: Risk factors in traffic. Accident-affected traffic situations. Where to find the necessary traffic information and information about the driver's education.

Book your handledarkurs/ private tutor course here.

I wish your the best lucky taking your driving license!

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