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Digital nomad's worst nightmare: the bad habits of sitting wrong with your computer

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As a digital nomad I work from everywhere, there is no probably working place, even though I have my own office in Strandvägen in Stockholm, most of the time I'm on the go. Working from a cafét or from an airport. Almost ten years later, where I'm am.. having a lot of back pain because I'm always siting in the wrong position. Interesting fact is these disorders not only affect the spine, but also cause lower energy levels and decreased blood circulation. I'm happy I found out about Stabil Posture.

Three effects of bad posture:


Poor posture can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. Poor posture causes you to slouch, leading to tension and pain in your upper back and shoulders. However, you also don’t want to “overcorrect” your posture by pulling your shoulders back too far as this could cause muscle tension, leading to stiffness.


If you’re sitting for hours each day in a chair with poor posture, you’re putting yourself at risk of developing or worsening circulation problems. By sitting with poor posture all day, you’re keeping your body from obtaining the necessary circulation it requires.  Poor posture can also make you vulnerable to varicose veins. 


Poor posture can affect the amount of air you’re taking into your lungs when breathing. Leaning or hunching forward all the time can negatively influence your lung function. When your lungs aren’t functioning as they should be, your brain, heart and other vital organs won’t get the oxygen they require. And, this could lead to shortness of breath, poor cognitive function and even heart and vascular disease.

At Stabil Posture there is different products to help who is suffering from a sunken posture or feels motivated to keep their body healthy and free from damage caused by stress or different types of damages. Through daily use, you save money in the form of missed visits to the chiropractor and massage therapists.

Click here to find the best ones: https://stabilposture.se/collections/stabil-posture

If you are not feeling any back pain, it's also a sign to take a look it before it get damaged. Here it's a code where you can get 10% discount at their products: DIAS10

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