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Curly hair tips: Mjällschampoo

(Paid collaboration with Mjällschampoo)

Since September I've been trying a very good schampoo and since it was many of you asking about which type of schampoo I use, here it go: this post is for you.

Mjällschampo from Mjällbusters - Dandruff can occur when the scalp becomes irritated or dry. In many cases, it depends on the fungus. However, mushrooms are something we need and are good for our immune system. But sometimes we can get dandruff from it.

Dandruff is otherwise when the scalp is dry or irritated and then secretes dandruff. Avoiding a shampoo that Mjällbusters regularly can help you treat and moisturize effectively to remove your dandruff. If you are going to use Dandruff Busters as a dandruff shampoo. You should initially use it every day for five days. Then step down and use it every three days to entertain.

Good effective shampoo: A quality shampoo for your hair. It is nurturing while being effective. Which allows you to keep your dandruff away relatively easily. I like their shampoo very high quality shampoo that keeps your hair clean. You should regularly use to have a continued radiant result for your hair as well as to maintain a healthy scalp, I generally wash my hair every other day. People usually thinks at water is bad for your hair, but it’s with the shampoo you should be careful with.

About Mjällbusters shampoo: Mjällbusters started when the founder himself had dandruff and had a hard time finding a shampoo that worked well. The shampoos that were there were very unclear about how to treat and what dandruff problems could be solved, did I have dry scalp or sponge? Questions not answered by the manufacturer. So they have developed a dandruff shampoo that counteracts dry scalp and counteracts skin flakes that make up a dandruff.

Here you can easily order home your mjällschampo from Mjällbusters.

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