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Bubotree: a social travel community and planning tool where you can plan trips and events together

I would like to introduce you my new favourite travel tool. As a travel blogger and traveling once a week, sometimes it's hard to keep track of my favourite places. Have you ever walked on a street in a new city and found out a super cool café? Or a store? I call this little finds as the most cool travel experience ever, the feeling of find a treasure by your own. But with the busy agenda, I sometimes forget the name of the places I've been.

It happens a lot at someone ask me if I have any special tip about a specific place and I just can't remember the name of the restaurant, and thinking about this better "sharing and reporting" I've been using Bubotree as my best friend.

The platform is great in many ways, like you can plan trips together, share your best tips, or just save places and tips from other users, some travel inspiration from other users, you can even plan events together with your friends. It's also super cool to spend time creating your board, for example if you take a look at my account you will find my boards, until now (I'm constantly updating there!) I have a board for Denmark and one from Sweden. Also downloading some pictures from my camera to create my next Brazilian board.

The platform is super easy to use but if by any chance you are lost, just watch their tutorials here.

As I mentioned many times here before, I love to support power girls who are doing great stuff around the world. Me, as an entrepreneur know how hard it's to start an idea from zero and bring life something which you believe it will help others. I truly appreciate the work Sandra and Jennie are doing and bring it Bubotree as the best friend of all travellers. They are launching Bubotree app soon and I can't wait to use it.

Click here to login and make your account, do it first and then tell me what you think. Ah, and don't forget to follow my boards too! :)

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#ADPost - this post is a paid collaboration. I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  

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