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Blacklane: Travel Safe and Smooth

Not so long ago I found out one of the best Transfer options ever - and believe me I've been traveling for more than five years. Also many of you ask me about travel alone and safety. So here it go: Blacklane offers you one of the most professional and punctual transfer services worldwide.

I got to try it out three times, on my way from my door to Stockholm Skavsta, from Palma Airport to the hotel and also during my trip Stockholm to St. Petersburg (from airport to Hotel). So let me give you five reasons I liked it:

1. They are ALWAYS on time. Seriously! (You will get all update on your email and sms) There is no worry about get late as the driver ALWAYS arrive minutes before the time you booked just to make sure. And actually they have the polity of waiting time of 15 minutes for standard pickups and 1 hour for airport pickups. If your flight it's delayed or you took too long waiting for you luggage, no need to worry!

2. You know all the information about the driver - a day before or but to few hours before your transfer you receive an email with the driver information. What makes you feel safe and just relax and enjoy the rest of your trip (or focus with other stuff like packing etc).

3. Their service it's just so professional. They will help you with your luggage, open the door, ask if you need water and make sure you feel comfortable.

4. The whole booking process it's online on their website or app - you just do it by their website (available in many languages) so there is no stress, no need to call or wait in line. You book online and pay online.

5. You can cancel your transfer for free 24 hours before the time booked, so if by any chance your plan changed, you can change your transfer too.

On my way to Russia from Sweden

The good news it's with the code "DIASDELUANA" you can get 20% off on the link bellow:


Thank you Blacklane for the cool collab and safe travels to you all!


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