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BEER SPA in Prague

Unlimited beer and massages - how do it sounds for you? If you are planning a visit to the Czech capital you can't leave without trying a beer SPA experience. Seriously! This is on my list of best experiences around the world, because you will remember forever. Just like flying on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, visiting the Christ Redeemer in Rio, you must try the beer spa while in Prague.

So let's talk about beer: the history of beer production reaches 7th century BC, when beer was, by a little mistake, discovered by the ancient Sumerians. Method of beer production started in a wrong way of grain storage. Grain was stored in earthen containers, into which water flowed and thereby discovered the principle of fermentation. The result was a drink with pleasant and refreshing taste. Nowadays beer needs to be produced in breweries, as needed grain malt, water, hops and yeast.

But the question is.. DO YOU REALLY BATH IN BEER?

Yes and no. Because if you would soak in raw beer, then the baths temperature would be around 6 °C and it wouldn't be comfortable, right? and bathing in alcohol and other substances wouldn't be beneficial for your body. So Bernard SPA developed a special blend, with the same amount of hops and other ingredients from a beer, but specially made for bathing conditions. The beer bath temperature is 36 °C and the temperature can be changed on request.

More specific about it: The beer blend is cleared off carbon dioxide and alcohol. So during the bath, you will only have what the skin needs in the form of vitamins B, antioxidants and other beneficial, natural healing substances. Then you have a beer tap just beside your bath-tub and as they say:"We treat your body from inside and outside". Indeed!

What else you need to know if you are into specific kind of stuff: Beer Bernard, used in Beer Spa is made with top quality Czech hops. Because the beer is not pasteurised, the quality, taste and aroma are preserved.

My friend Jessica, happy because they had gluten free beer. haha

The experience step-by-step:

Tip: Very important, before your visit book it as soon as you know you are going to Prague. Because the beer spa is very popular and very likely to be fully booked, so check their website and book it before. I booked everything online, when arrived there even the food was already booked. Easy easy and stress free.

1. You get to the changing room, get your bathrobe, towel, flipflops and sheets for the warm bad. You don’t need to bring anything with you. You can bath either with swim clothes or naked (as you are alone in the room and not even the staff comes in without your permission). If you are bringing swimwear, they recommend darker colours. Yellow and white can show traces of hops after the first wash.

2. Your bath-tub is waiting for you (and all unlimited beer too). Well, not much "how-to" you enjoy and that's it! You can order some snacks, as cheese, olives, beer sausages and bread. Super recommend it, the marinated cheese was really good.

3. You drink as much you want/ or in some cases, as much you can.

4. Time for massage! (Optional)

5. You lie down on a warm bed, and at this point you are so so relaxed. Never been that relaxed - I wish I could bring this warm bed (and the bathtub) home.

The whole experience takes around 90 - 120 depending on the type of treatment. To book it, check it here. By the way, if you are gluten intolerant they have gluten free beer too!

I can't wait to be back to Prague and try it again. It will be a must-do from now on every single time I'm there.

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