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Beambox: the future of moving and storing stuff in Stockholm

Atualizado: 17 de Out de 2018

Ordering storage service from the comfortable of my phone while in the train.

Let me explain you the meaning of the expression "Next Level", if I even have to describe it would be definitely a company I found couple of months ago called Beambox. Please read bellow because I feel everybody should now about it! It's a whole digital storage.

As many of you might know life in Stockholm it's quite inconstantly, you never know where you are moving next. As it's extremely hard to find renting in the city (if you want to live in the center). Rent it's expensive and there is a high demand for these apartment, as the city has many old buildings and it's quite hard to build something new in the main area. So I might have good news for you, I know moving around all the time it's a nightmare but you can actually not stress so much about it.

How? Here it the thing. My panic about moving it's to find these "moving" boxes, then pack everything, then move all these heavy boxes and then bring all boxes to new house, etc, etc.

As many digital nomads/expats/traveler or whatever you are, you know it's hard to do it everything by yourself, and there is no mom and dad to help you with your moving. Well, there is no mom, but there is a company which it do it all for you, very easy and smooth.

Let me explain you what Beambox does: They are a Storage Company. So if you are moving and need help: BEAMBOX. If you are out of space: BEAMBOX. If you are changing the wardrobe season and need to take out all summer clothes from your closet? BEAMBOX. Yes. They have space for it all. This is the ending of a lot of drama in my life. Because believe - I have a lot of stuff.

Ski clothes, bike, books, etc. They have two different options of boxes, the regular one "Beamboxlådor" 600*400*310mm which fits around 56 liters/25kg and "Stora Saker"for special itens which don't fits in the box standart as a bicycle.

Then it's very - veeeeery - easy. You order your boxes online, you select how many you want (prices are between 39krones - 3,9 euros per month for the regular box and 55krones - 5,5 euros for big itens). JUST.

You put your address and select the time you want them to bring to your door. Are you reading this? They even bring it to you, no worries, no stress, no need to go find this big paper boxes.

Real life: it's practical. They come between 17-21pm and delivery it at your door. I packed all my stuff, opened the website again and booked the pick up time. You just need to lock the box and put a sticker on it (they send you everything you need).

It's just like I can't believe there is a company doing this, some days ago I opened they website and EVERYTHING WAS THERE, ONLINE. EVERY PIECE. EVERY BOX. They photograph all your itens, so it's easy to know what you send and which box you put it. So you can select exactly the box you want them to send to you.

I could't believe when I saw everything was so organised - I mean, I can't still believe it. I was traveling for more than a month and knew all my stuff was very well carried. When I came back to Stockholm and moved to my new apartment, I just ordered everything online. They sent it all same day I arrived, so I don't even had to wait so long.

Just got some of my boxes and the process to have it back it's very simple - you order on the website the date you want to receive it. They come to delivery it to you and that's it. The future!

So if you want to stress free - have piece of mind of don't get crazy while moving, or just storage your things so you have more space at home, if you have kids and want to storage their clothes/toys or whatever you need a storage for - you can use my code "Luana" to get 20% of discount and I hope you enjoy Beambox as much I enjoy.

Life it's easier when you find companies like this.




+46 076-8076327 Mail. info@beambox.se

#ADPost of Love - this post it's a collaboration with Beambox and I would like to say all the review it's my own experience and all the content on the blog it's my honest opinion and I just write about experiences I truly like and recommend.  I found out the company by myself and since then, it was true love! <3

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