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Atelier 23: Happy New Years!

Atualizado: 26 de Mar de 2020

First blog post of the year! New year, new plans! Today is January 1 and I wanted to share about the dreaming New Years dinner at Atelier 23 in Stockholm by the chef Pontus Frithiof. Fist of all I would like to say thank you for each of you who reads the blog, the past few years has been amazing and I'm so grateful for all amazing things that happened.

I spent the last few days as we call it here in Sweden "Jullov" something like Christmas Holidays, these days off between festivities, anyway, I spent these last few days with I called 'Social Media Detox' when I take a time offline to enjoy real life without being concerned about my phone/Instagram/whatever. My days has been just perfect. As I travel at least once a week, I enjoyed long days in Stockholm and it felt so good. To be home, to do nothing, just to be at the sofa watching TV or reading the books I've been postponing reading across the year. I spend so much time behind my computer/phone everyday. Every time I get the chance to have a little getaway it's like a mental cleaning and I come back fired up and ready for more!

Then it's New Years again! It felt the year just went sooo fast. I know I say the same thing every single year, but truly this year just passed by. Here we are again, making plans and starting a new chapter of our life and we are hopping and wishing the better. I still can't get over the amazing New Years evening at Atelier 23 yesterday. It felt like a dream, it felt like waking up today and like: was it true?

Atelier 23 is located on 23º floor of Sweden's biggest newspaper building in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. It's a private event location 84 meters over sea level with Sweden's most beautiful view. You can see the whole Stockholm from up there! Seriously, it's so impressive at Stockholm feels so big but when you get this sky view you just realised all islands is pretty close. You can see it all! It's like a cool game of finding the spots, like Västerbron bridge, City Hall, Globen, Slussen, Östermalm...

The building! Atelier 23 is on the top floor.

Dreaming dinner with super great staff and the marvellous food just Pontus knows how to prepare it. Every single detail was made with love and you could see it. The entire place it's carefully made with passion, from people who like what they do.

Pontus just realised a new book called Husmanskost (in Swedish) it's a masterpiece (4 kilos!) with the most traditional Swedish receipts, so if you are into that.. Check out his new book.

The menu:

Luxury canapés from Pontus: hand peeled shrimp with quail eggs, Kalixlöjrom (caviar) and chives and mild smoked fjord salmon with parsley omelette and horseradish.

First course:

Dressed lobster salad á la Pontus

Second course:

Deer Rossini with sautéed spinach, Madeira salse and truffle potato puree.

Third course:

Cheeses from Androuet

Fourth course:

Chocolate tarts with cherries, salted caramel, hazelnuts and vanilla cream.

Some more pictures from this incredible dinner/evening:

Super thanks for Hugo, Fia, Niklas, Mackan and Pontus for such amazing evening!

Happy New Year!

With love,



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