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Today I want to give a tip about a super cool app for all poker lovers. So as a poker player you always want to play against the best, to test your skills and to prove that you can win in a cash game, sit and go or in tournament. You should download the app called Pokio Poker that provides a real money social poker experience like no other and is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority ensuring the integrity of the games as well as the fairness and randomness of the algorithm powering the software. Sounds cool, right?

As a poker player though, you shouldn’t play on just any club. Pokio gives every player the possibility to create a club, however not all clubs were created equally and not all offer the same player rewards.

You get so many advantages to download and start to use Pokio, as a real money social poker experience, a cool series of Cash Games, Sit & Go's and Tournaments, special social group, much more! Do not forget that you also have a safe system to protect every 'table decision' you will make.

Click here to download and to get to know more:


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