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AIMO: Stockholm’s first electric carshare

Atualizado: 13 de Mai de 2020

I'm so happy for finally be able to share you with you one of my favourite services in Stockholm, at the moment. A car share! Thinking about of "sharing is caring" Aimo it's a new revolutionary car system in Stockholm.

Let me first explain you what's AIMO: It's a car share. You download the app, then you need to send your driving license (if you are Swede it takes around 1 day to validate - but if you have an International driving license than it takes around 3 days), after send your driving license and get it working on the app, then it's just find the nearest car and jump on in a world of facility. Btw: after all these steps don't forget to use the code: "LUANA" to get 50 sek to use AIMO, easy peasy like this 50kr to your first ride.

Why use AIMO?

Because it's just the coolest way to do whatever you need to do in the city. It's envirolment friendly, as it's electrical car, you spend WAY LESS money. And this is what we all like in the end right? To save money. So yes - it's very cheap and comfortable to use AIMO, everything it's covered on the price. No need to spend money with gas or parking. Can you believe it?

There is no unexpected costs – you just pay for the time on the road. Either per minute, hour or day. Parking, tolls and 300 km are always included. After 25 minutes you’ll automatically switch from minute rate to hour rate, and after five hours to day rate. If you however drive for about 62 minutes you pay for one hour and two minutes instead of two hours.

You can check the list with the prices here.

For me - the biggest struggle it's always how to get home from airport or how to go shopping without a car. For example, a day at IKEA, or to buy plants at Plantagen. I had to carry on all heavy bags or make my friends go with me to get some extra hands. But well, life is easier now.

We (me and boyfriend) has being using Aimo also to get home from Arlanda, Martin goes to pick me and believe me, it's cheaper than pay a taxi. Also feels amazing to come home, and have a ride home. Right? We also used Aimo to pick my parents in Arlanda, when they came for a visit. We checked all the options possible, Arlanda Express, Uber, Taxi and we ended spending less than 400K for five people, and it had space enough for the bags too. It was sooooo smooth and so easy. So I highly recommend if you have someone coming to Stockholm, to use AIMO to pick then!

AIMO Zones:

You basically need to pick and drop your Aimo in their "zone" which I would say it's pretty much in Stockholm City. However, you’re always free to go wherever you want. As I mentioned, we went to Ikea, Plantagen, Airport, on the app you can see the area and there they indicate the borders of the Home Zone, and the icons show their parking Hotspots. Also in the app you can see how much battery the car has left, and so on. So what we always do it's to get the car in one of their parking lots, so we know it has full power.

So you can get AIMO for so many different reasons: shopping, a day trip somewhere, visit a friend, get someone at airport, moving to a new apartment, there is many times you need a car and this way it's so much comfortable because you don't need to rent a car, go pick in a agency, sign thousand of papers and so on. As a traveler I also think it's a simple way to discover the city, for example if you want to go somewhere outside Stockholm, visit a castle or so on.

I'm planing to visit Drottningholm castle with AIMO, but this I will save for a next post.

See you soon as safe AIMO trips!

Don't forget about the discount code: LUANA.

(It's a limited amount, the first 1.000 will get 50sek off).

Aimo website: https://aimosolution.com/

***If you have an international driving license you need to send an e-mail to hello@aimosolution.com from the e-mail you want to use as username;

a. give your full name and telephone number

b. attach a selfie

c. a picture of the front and back of your identity card or passport

d. a picture of the front and back of your driving license 1

e. if the driving license is not in either Norwegian, Danish language or an EU license also attach a picture of a current International Driving Permit 2 and finally.

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