Hello everybody!

After my visit to LaserklinikBeauty yesterday and so many questions on Instagram about the Dental Clearance and removing my tattoos I decided to write this post to tell you more about it. :)

I did a Dental Clearance a couple of times before and this is the method I likes most! Because it’s simple and in just 1 visit and less than 60 minutes my teeth got super white!

I tried many other procedures as home whitening and dentist laser, but so far this laser experience with Hasina at the Clinic was above my expectations.

Many asked the price, it’s a special promotion for 1899sek (regular price is 3800sek) I’m not sure how long the promotion will be, so I recommend you to check with the clinic to make sure. 🖤

So let’s talk about removing tattoos...

Well, I did my first tattoo when I was 13 years old (super young!) and I never stopped since then, I have approx 20 tattoos at the moment and I love each one of them because it comes with a story.

I do not regret any of my tattoos but I would definitely not make the same if I could choose today (of course not all of them!).

These are the two tattoos I’m removing, both are approx 10 years old. I did the Inca tattoo in the side of my hand during my visit to Peru, me and my sister did this crazy trekking into the Jungle that took us many days to arrive to the top of Macchu Picchu, absolutely one of my craziest experiences in life, so I decided to get a tattoo as a tribute for this amazing trip.

On my finger is an infinity symbol- it was a thing when I was teenager and I made on my finger as a sign of self-love as it’s on the finger you get the ring when you marry :)

After 10 years carrying and loving these tattoos I decided it’s time to let them go. For everybody who ever did a tattoo before I think you will kind of understand me, because this is also one of the reason some people do not get tattoos... because they afraid they will change in a couple of years and etc.

Well let’s talk about the bad part, it hurts. It truly hurts, a lot! It hurts more to remove a tattoo than to get a new one — but it’s pretty much the same feeling of when you are getting a tattoo. It hurts but after a while you start to get used to the pain.

It depends for each type of tattoo, how deep and how dark the tattoos and which part of your body, so everything depends, even the pain. Mines will take aprox 5 sessions to start to disappear, but I must say I already saw good results already in the first time.

I hope this post answer some of your questions. Just drop me a message or a comment here and I’ll be happy to reply if you want to know more.

Here’s the contact of LaserKlinikBeauty, I super recommend Hasina, believe me I was searching for these services for so long and she got the best price and quality! As she is such a lovely person and highly skilled!


With love,


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